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Professor An HexinfromCUFE Business School delivered a keynote speechforChina’s urban-rural integrated development forum on “New urbanization, rural revitalization and urban-rural integrated development”
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In the "China urban-rural integration development" forumco-hosted by China Capital Market 50 People Forum, China Urbanization Promotion Association and Baidu, Professor An Hexin, as the speaker of the 24th lecture of the public welfare online live broadcast lecture series, delivered a speech on "New Urbanization, Rural Revitalization and Integrated Urban-rural Development", on May 28. More than 190,000 subscribers participated in the online lecture.


In herspeech, Professor An reviewed the background, connotation and goals of China's 3 major strategic reforms, the new urbanization strategy, the rural revitalization strategy and the system and mechanism reform for the integrated development of urban and rural areas. Professor An combed the relationship between the 3 major strategic reform and put forward strategic implementation advice,which was of great significance to improve people’s cognition of the 3 strategies and effectively promote strategic reform and social responsibilities of researchers.





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