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Management Exploration from Practice:CUFE Business School held a Qualitative Research Workshop
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May 22, 2021, CUFE Business School held the Management Exploration from Practice: Qualitative Research Workshop. More than 40 experts and scholars were invited to discuss how to analyze realistic issues in real business scenarios, and promote management theories development in China. Those professors came from Tsinghua University, China Agricultural University, Renmin University of China, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, and Keele University (UK).


Professor Ge Jianxin, Chairman of Board member, Professor Lin Song, Dean of CUFE Business School, Professor Yu Guangtao, Vice Dean,and Han Zhiping, Vice President of the School’s Academic Journals, attended and delivered speeches. The workshop was hosted by Associate Professor Liu Shubo.


Associate Professor Zhang Wei from Tsinghua University and other experts made keynote speeches. Dr. Li Jiapeng and faculty members from CUFE Business School shared their working papers.


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In the opening speech, Yu Guangtao said that qualitative research, as an important academic research method, has attracted more and more attention in academia. CUFE Business School, as an influential business school in China, focuses on forward-looking exploration in discipline construction, talent training and academic research. CUFE Business School attaches great importance to qualitative research and hopes that the participating experts will show their findings in in-depth academic research work, and share experience in the qualitative research process.


Han Zhiping stated that the Journal of Central University of Finance and Economics features "based on China's financial practice and research on China's financial theory" ,focuses on major practical issues that urgently need to be resolved in China's financial sector. The journal actively seeks development and innovation, and has been the first batch to participate in the "China Case Study Journal Alliance". It will moderately expand the case study page, open a case study column, and attract more outstanding research results.


In the keynote speech session, Tsinghua University Associate Professor Zhang Wei , China Agricultural University Associate Professor Li Yingfei , CUFE Associate Professor Ai Yun, CUFE Associate Professor Liang Shangkun, and Tsinghua University Dr. Li Xiaohua shared the topics from sociology, entrepreneurship, strategic management, accounting and other disciplines Field insights on qualitative research.


In the thesis presentation, CUFE Business School Dr. Li Jiapeng and Yingbei Gao, a doctoral student, respectively introduced the qualitative research results in the field of online car-hailing and live broadcasting. The experts proposed amendments from the perspectives of thesis topic selection, theoretical contributions, and research methods. The discussion atmosphere was lively.


At the end, Prof. Lin Song, Dean of Business School, made a concluding speech and expressed his gratitude to the experts and scholars for attending the conference. He believed that qualitative research can help to make up for the lack of empirical research and dig out the theories and laws in the practice of Chinese business management. Lin Song emphasized that CUFE Business School will continue to hold qualitative forums, inviting more people to discuss qualitative research methods and explore the development process of Chinese enterprises.


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