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Studying and Life in France
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April 22nd, CUFE Business School held the Overseas Studying and Life Sharing online meeting series, aiming to provide guidance to study abroad to undergraduate students. Mr.Zhang Fan, alumna studying for master's degree at ESSEC Business School in Paris, France, was invited to give the presentation. Ms. Wang Tingting and Ms. Wang Huiting from CUFE Business School attended the meeting.



Mr.Zhang Fan explained the application and admission procedures, the studying and life, the opportunities and challenges, and how to alleviate the anxiety under the epidemic situation and the advantages and disadvantages of studying in France.




Mr.Zhang Fan introduces his studying and life in details from 34 facets, the application and admission procedures; the opportunities and challenges; how to alleviate anxiety about studying abroad under the epidemic situation; and the advantages and disadvantages of studying in France.





In the Q&A session, Mr.Zhang Fan answered questions from the students, including "the reasons you chose France", "the added value of studying in France", "how to adapt to new environments",and "language difficulties", etc.


Mr.Zhang Fan's presentation has provided valuable and vivid advice and reference to the students.




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