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Young Professors of CUFE Business School won rewards in Young Professors Teaching Skills Competition
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24 March 2021,young professors Dr.Liu Wei and Dr.Zhang Guangli from CUFE Business School won the2nd and 3rprize respectively in the 13th CUFE Young Professors Teaching Skills Competition.



CUFE Business School invited senior professors with rich teaching experience to provide advice and guidance for young professors.Professor Ge Jianxin and Professor Zhu Fei were invited to serve as Judge of the competition.Professor Zhou Weizhong, once served as Judge of the Beijing Young Professors Teaching Competition,shared perspectives regarding the rules and skills of the teaching competition.


Young Professors Teaching Skills Competition is critical for teaching quality improvement.The School has been focusing on AOL to optimize teaching and learning outcomes, promote evaluation and feedback,etc.,which provides a powerful guarantee for the development of first-class undergraduate program.




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