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The Development and Promotion from Logistics Management to Supply Chain Management
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CUFE Business School set up the major of Logistics Management in 2005,aiming to educate talents with global vision, strategic thinking and decision-making in supply chain management, operation management and finance.After 16 years development, CUFE Business School offers bachelor's, master's and doctor's degrees in Logistics Management.


In 2018, CUFE Business School was approved as the first“Double first class”university to set up the Supply Chain Management major. The department of Supply Chain Management has a strong faculty team, all professors hold doctor's degrees.The faculty members also have outstanding international backgrounds and overseas visiting experience.The faculty have made outstanding achievements in teaching and research in their fields.


In the latest version of the national undergraduate program catalogue, the undergraduate major Logistics Management offered by CUFE Business School is officially replaced by Supply Chain Management. The School will integrate resources for the development of Supply Chain Management, which marks the renewal and promotion of the discipline.




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