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Howard University Delegation visited the Business School
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May 19 2014, a delegation of teachers and students from Business School, Howard University visited Business School and MBA Education Centre, CUFE. Professor Wang Ruihua, the dean of Business School and director of MBA Education Centre, Professor Ge Jianxin, Secretary of Party General Branch, deputy secretary Professor Lin Song, Director of International Cooperation Department Zhang Xiaoyan and deputy director Li Hanjun received the guests.

   The dean Wang Ruihua introduced the development and international communication situation of Business School, CUFE, especially cooperation process between CUFE and Howard University. Harvey, the dean of Business School, Howard University, expressed gratitude to the warm reception on behalf of all teachers and students and showed expectation of further cooperation and communication between two sides. Students from Howard University forged profound friendship with MBA students from CUFE, and they said this trip was a rare opportunity of knowing about Chinese culture and customs.


   This visit was a second meet of CUFE and Howard University after establishment of strategic cooperation partnership between them, which laid a solid foundation for further cooperation. The two sides both said they would keep close contact with each other after the visit and try to promote the bilateral cooperation project as fast as possible.


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