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Business School and GfK Verein Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement
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May 30, 2014, Strategic Cooperation Agreement Signing Ceremony between Business School of Central University of Finance and Economics and GfK Verein was held in Room 606, Academic Hall. Present members from GfK Verein included Raimund Wildner, Vice President and Managing Director of GfK Verein; Zhao Xinyu, Managing Director of GfK Northeast Asia; Zhou Qun, Managing Director of GfK China; Andreas Neus, University Cooperation of GfK Verein; Li Luying, HR manager of GfK China and Shen Yan, MarComms Manager of GfK China. Li Junsheng, Vice President of CUFE; Wang Ruihua, Dean of the Business School and Director of the MBA Education Centre; Ge Jianxin, Secretary of Party General Branch, Lin Song, the deputy Secretary; Li Hanjun, Vice Director of International Office; Fang Defeng, Vice Director of Department of Personnel and Zhang Su, Vice Director of Department of Teaching Affairs from CUFE were present.

   Before the signing ceremony, Professor Li Junsheng and Professor Wang Ruihua introduced the history and international cooperation situations of Central University of Finance and Economics and the Business School respectively, especially the review of Summer School. They appreciated the effort of GfK in supporting higher education in China and hoped the cooperation would be successful. Vice President and Managing Director of GfK Verein Raimund Wildner and Managing Director of GfK Northeast Asia Zhao Xinyu introduced the history of GfK Verein and expected more deep cooperation after this good beginning. Then, the two sides discussed cooperation affairs, put forward some suggestions on cooperation in the future and looked forward to innovation of cooperation ways. Finally, Professor Wang Ruihua, on behalf of Business School, CUFE and Vice President and Managing Director of GfK Verein Raimund Wildner signed the strategic cooperation agreement.


   GfK, with its headquarters in Nuremberg, is a company of 80 years. It has more than 10000 full-time employees currently and is one of the five biggest market research companies in the world. GfK carries out market research all around the world, including consumer durables survey, consumer survey, media research, medical market research and some individualized studies; and provides specialized analysis and service for clients such as consumer electronics companies and large retailers from home and abroad. GfK verein, the main shareholder of GfK Group, originated from a college research institute and is a non-profit fund association. The cooperation between GfK Verein and Business School, CUFE will start from the Summer School, by then GfK verein will send a distinguished group in international business and academic fields. On the subject of market research and by the way of lectures and case studies, they will give lectures on qualitative and quantitative research method, market research design, data collection and analysis tools and some other related knowledge, combining with the development of modern media and big data, so that the students will learn and master the update theoretical knowledge and practical method. After completing the courses, students will get a certificate issued by Central University of Finance and Economics together with GfK Verein and excellent ones will get internship in GfK, China. The signing of this strategic cooperation agreement is a new step of Business School on the road of international education and marks a new era of innovative development.


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