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Professor Stephen McGuire from CaliforniaState University Los Angeles
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In the afternoon of October 17, 2014, Professor Stephen McGuire, the Deputy Dean of Business School, California State University Los Angeles, visited CUFE and had a friendly communication with Business School, CUFE. Ge Jianxin, the Secretary of Party General Branch of Business School, CUFE welcomed Professor Stephen McGuire and conveyed the regards of Wang Ruihua, the Dean of Business School.

Secretary Ge Jianxin made a brief introduction of the current situation, disciplinary development and degree programs, the studying and living of students and some other fields of Business School. Deputy Dean Stephen McGuire introduced the development of degree programs, preponderant discipline, academic research and case teaching of Business School, University of California Los Angeles. He also showed great interest in cooperation with Business School, CUFE in summer school, collaborative research, exchange program and some other fields.

This meeting not only strengthened the friendship between two universities and two Business Schools, but also opened up a new prospect of deep international cooperation.


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