Lose Your Belly Fat at Home. A step by Step approach


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Many people find themselves working long hours, having to take care of family obligations and before they realize, their weight has gone up and their belly fat has increased dramatically. Before you know it, you are out of shape and can't do the activities that you used to enjoy or you just can't keep up with your children anymore because you find your self out of breath easily.

The good news is that there are many guides available that will show you how to lose belly fat at home in as little as 40 minutes, three times per week. You have lead to believe that in order to lose belly fat you need expensive equipment, a gym membership, professional trainers or diet pills that are not safe for you. The reality is that if you want to learn how to lose belly fat at home you can. There are many guides out there that will teach you step by step how to lose belly fat at home with minimal or no equipment at all and you will get very satisfactory results.

An example of such workout could be body weight squats combined with pushups. Then a set of jumping jacks combined with lunges and finally for your core you could do planks or side planks. This is using your body weight only. If you have some basic equipment like dumbbells, an exercise bench and or a stability ball, then you have a greater arsenal to lose your belly fat at home without ever setting foot in a gym.

Turbulence Training has many workout plans that you can perform at home, at the park or in your back yard. This guide will show you exactly what to eat and how to lose belly fat at home with videos, pictures so that you know at all times how to perform each move safely and for the best results. The benefits of Turbulence Training are:

• Workout 3 times per week for 30 - 45 minutes.
• The workouts are intense but short and also fun
• they will keep burning fat to help you lose belly fat long after your workout is done
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