10 Killer Tips to lose unpleasant Arm Fat


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If you are trying to figure out how to eliminate unsightly arm fat, you are probably one of the many people who have the genetics that predispose you to carrying excess fat and skin on the back of your upper arms. 

This is one of the most common spots where men and women, but especially women, tend to accumulate excess fatty tissue. The key to success when it comes to eliminating this troubled spot, or any other troubled spot for that matter, is to pay special attention to the problem.

There are a combination of tips and tricks that you can use to give special attention to this troubled spot, which include the following:

1. Eliminate sugars from your diet

Excess sugar in the diet is directly linked to the stimulation of the hormone insulin, which causes the storage and accumulation of excess fats. Eliminate excess sugars from your diet to halt the progression of these fatty stores.

2. Eliminate late-night carbohydrates from your diet

It is no surprise that eating carbs too late in the evening and night can cause fat storage. We are less active at night and thus require less sources of energy, namely carbs. Try switching to vegetables later in the evening and night as a way to satisfy your hunger and cut the calories into a fraction of your usual intake.

3. Include high-quality sources of fats to your diet

High-quality fats include raw nuts, olive oils, avacados, legumes, and other unsaturated forms of fat. The reason for including these fats into your fat-loss diet is because eating a small quantity of quality fats stimulates the fat-loss process. The body recognizes a consumption of fats in the diet, and so it will be more inclined to release excess fats from the tissues.

4. Include lean sources of protein at every meal

Protein is a fantastic way to burn fat and build muscles at the same time. Protein is not just for bodybuilders, it can be extremely beneficial for anybody looking to build a better body.

5. Do some form of cardio exercise everyday

While cardio doesn't target your troubled spot specifically, it does help eliminate fat from the whole body, and so it plays an important role in helping you eliminate your troubled areas.

6. Use supersets for faster results

Supersets are a way to give your arms a good burn in half the time, which is essential to toning, trimming, and tightening the arms, thus removing that excess fat. Perform the supersets by doing a biceps exercise followed by a triceps exercise, or the other way around. Perform the superset 1-2 times per week for maximum stimulation of your arms.

7. Get plenty of sleep

Getting enough sleep is essential because when you sleep, your body releases a hormone called "growth hormone", which is very strong fat-burning hormone that is an important part of getting the results you are seeking

8. Do not over-do your workouts

While intensity and consistency are essential for results, going overboard is counterproductive because your body releases stress hormones that are designed to hold onto fat and water, thus destroying the results you are seeking. Take 1-2 days off per week to keep the right balance of hormones essential for a lean body and toned arms.

9. Keep your whole body moving

The best way to burn fat throughout the whole body is to keep the whole body moving. Thus, if you are looking to eliminate excess fats from the arms, it is better to perform whole body cardio such as walking or running as opposed to riding a bike.

10. Be patient

The biggest reason for failure is giving up too soon. It took quite some time to accumulate the fat in your troubled areas, thus give yourself plenty of time to get the results you want.

Incorporate all of these tips and tricks to your regimen in order to speed up your results and eliminate your troubled spots for good - Dr. Paul Ciurysek

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