7 Easy Ways to Look Younger Again!


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So, you are not in your 20's anymore. Your figure is no longer size 5", your walk doesn't have the bounce it once had and your skin is showing fine lines. If only there was some way to reverse the signs of ageing. Unless you stumble on some magic potion or a time machine the chances are pretty slim. You may not have the fountain of youth or for that matter a time machine, but what you do have are simple tips to combat ageing. Here are 7 easy ways to look younger again.
Put Your Money on a Good Moisturizer

Dry skin is bad news. It will tighten and deepen the presence of wrinkles. Invest in a moisturizer that is suitable for your skin, preferably the one infused with SPF and Q10. SPF will protect your skin against harsh UV arrays, whereas Q10 will reduce wrinkles, while adding to the elasticity of the skin.

Cleanse Your Face at Night

Make it a point to wash your face every night before hitting the sack. The dirt and makeup on the skin can cause irritation, clog up pores and lead to break out. Use a mild face wash to remove the top layer of the dirt. Dab on some night cream; your skin will be able to absorb it better.

Say No to Stress

Stress can wreak havoc on your skin. It breaks down the collagen in your body and causes inflammation. While it may not be possible to live a stress-free life always, you can certainly take small steps to keep the stress level in check. For instance, breathing deep when you're tense can help or you could take a long stroll to help you relax.

Quit Smoking

If you want to look younger and be overall healthy, the first thing you need to do is quit smoking. Cigarettes contain nicotine and other toxins that cause your skin to age faster. It is 10 times worse than industrial pollutants that we are exposed to on an everyday basis.

Rest Plenty

If you don't want to look a decade older than your age, then it pays to get at least 8 hours of beauty sleep. With plenty of rest you will not only look younger but also feel refreshed and energetic.

Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is the primary culprit behind most of your beauty woes. Here is a quick tip to check how hydrated your skin truly is. Pinch the back of your hand, and see how long it takes for your skin to get back together. If it takes longer than a few seconds then it is a clear sign that your skin is thirsty. Drinking enough water will add volume to your face and make you look younger.

Eat a Healthy Diet

What you eat has a direct reflection on your skin. Bringing your diet back on track does not necessarily have to be a labor-some task. Simple changes can go a long way. Swap your diet soda for fresh fruit juices and snack on crunchy nuts rather than fat fries. Use your creativity to infuse green veggies in your diet and don't forget to dig into some lean meat. All this will smoothen out those fine lines.

If these simple tips didn't help and you and your fine lines are getting too prominent for comfort, you can always opt for Botox. It is one sure-fire way to beat wrinkles-Meninfrancis

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