3 Secrets To Reduce Fat On Thighs


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Fat thigh exercises, exercises to reduce fat thighs, exercises for fat thighs, please are requests I hear often. Often it is from women who say they're happy with their body except for one thing, they have fat thighs. Usually they have bought (and use) thigh exercise machines or go to the gym regularly, do cardio and use all the machines for thigh.

There are only 3 ways to lose fat thigh without surgery: lose weight, gain muscle, a combination of the first two. Everyone understands these are 'it'. But there's so much misinformation and so many variations, it's easy to get sidetracked.

So, the ultimate inner thigh workout, the one that's going to get rid of fat thighs for good? It's combining three well known secrets. Yes, I know, an oxymoron, but true nonetheless. Everyone knows them but few people know them when they actually need to apply them.

Secret 1. Accept that you cannot lose fat only on your thighs. You were programmed, by your parents' genes, to gain weight all over your body. So even if you think your arms, neck, back, stomach are okay, if you're to lose thigh fat you have to lose weight everywhere else too. Yes, some people store more fat on their inner thighs than others, or on their arms, etc. But no one gains weight only on their thighs, or only on their neck. So no one loses fat on only one part of their body.

Secret 2. Accept that training only your inner thighs is not effective, that you have to train all your body. Think about it. Inner thigh toning has helped you with your stomach, arms and back and posture. Imagine the results on your thighs if you train all your muscles and each muscle you train helps your thighs the way your thigh toning has helped your other muscles.

Secret 3. Choose a workout routine that is effective. Your body is good at adjusting to effort. You have to keep it on its toes, so to speak. Spending endless hours on the treadmill or bike at the same speed is not effective. If you don't use resistance training, you don't add lean muscle and so you don't get a permanently increased metabolism, so it's harder to lose weight.

If you keep the above 3 points in mind, in a matter of weeks you're no longer going to be asking for fat thigh exercises-By Dan T. Kennedy

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