Weight loss without diet - possible or fairy tale?


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Overweight and obesity are in our modern society, amongst the main reasons for death, especially in western Europe and in the USA. Some billion dollars have to be paid annually, to correct the health problems, arising from overweight, wrong nutrition and laziness. Therefore it is quite easy to understand that more and more people and institutions are looking for ways to lose weight. Weight loss without diet is nowadays for many people their dream number one.

Now the question arises, if weight loss without diet and without feeling hungry even is possible. To answer this question, we have to look at a wider picture:

In all countries in the "First World", food is available all the time and everywhere and one can choose from a wide range. We do not have to look for food anymore, like it was necessary to survive for our ancestors. Therefore it is just logical that nowadays we do not know anymore to read the signals of our body. Our ancestors ate when they were hungry; we eat in most cases when we want. Weight loss without diet - this question did not exist for our ancestors; they ate when they were hungry and stopped when they were full. Overweight was a non-existent problem.

Weight loss without diet starts now exactly at this point. Start listening to your body again. It is quite simple actually: Hoodia Gordonii fools your brain into believing that you are full, although you did not eat yet, or just little. If you learn now again to listen to your body and understand the signals "hungry" and "full", then weight loss without diet is no sorcery anymore.

The first step to weight loss without diet with Hoodia is to realise that many times we just eat something without needing it. The peace of cake, the chocolate, the Danish are just eaten to satisfy a craving and therefore responsible for many unnecessary kilos.

Weight loss without diet works as follows: one eats only when he feels hungry and only as much as is necessary not to feel hungry anymore. Are you not hungry anymore, then STOP! Just finishing the plate or just a small dessert, are no options any more. The easy formula for weight loss without diet is: hungry - eat; not hungry - don't eat! Because Hoodia fools your brain into being full although you did not eat, it is easy to understand that the body needs to get the fuel from somewhere else. And the only possible source for your body to find the calories, are your fat cells.

Weight loss without diet is possible! Take Hoodia Gordonii 1 hour before every meal with a glass of water and then eat only as much as your body demands. Do not eat anything between meals, show a little bit of self-discipline and weight loss without diet becomes as easy as walking.Robert S.

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