Effective Natural Remedies for Migraine Headaches


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The brain is the most important organ in the body. On a daily basis, approximately 13 million people experience the intense and often paralyzing pain of a migraine headache. Every 15 seconds someone somewhere is admitted to an emergency room with a problem related to a migraine headache.

For some strange reason, scientists and mainstream medical personnel never thought migraine headaches had the potential to cause long term brain injury. It's hard for one to comprehend that some of our most respected scientists and deep thinkers would not associate extensive and debilitating pain of the brain with long term damage. We're talking about the most important organ in the body. 

Brain damage can cause all types of problems and no one considered extensive brain pain a cause for alarm? What have we been taught since childhood? "Pain is our body alerting us to a problem". So it stands to reason that intense debilitating pain is our body alerting us to a serious problem. And nobody picked up on that?

So finally some of these deep thinkers started to consider the possibilities of migraine headaches causing long-term brain injury. They researched the subject and this is what they found.

Migraine headaches are causing considerable long lasting brain damage that closely resembles the damage caused by seizures, strokes, and dementia. And if one has a history of migraine headaches, that person has a potential risk for contracting some of the most devastating brain disorders known to the medical community.

Mainstream medicine's approach to migraines includes drugs which were originally used for treating epileptic patients. These drugs delivered a minimal degree of results in the short term, but they had numerous side effects and failed to address the cause.

Researchers, realizing the anti-epileptic drugs were not the answer, decided to channel their efforts into the arena of holistic medicine. Their efforts were rewarded when they discovered not one but two items that prevent changes in the brain that lead to the formation of a migraine headache.

When chemical balance to the brain is restored and the flow of blood is improved, Magnesium and Gastrodin focus on the intricacies of migraine pain, providing dynamic pain relief free from side effects.

Let's Take A Look At Our New Friends

Gastrodin is not new to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It has been a staple of the Chinese Culture for thousands of years. It is extracted from the orchid plant and the Chinese have used it to combat disorders like headaches, stroke, dementia, and seizures. It has proven effective in the reduction of the number and duration of migraine attacks. Gastrodin has the unique ability to improve blood flow to the brain which is restricted during a migraine attack.

Magnesium, in supplemental form, has shown great promise in reducing the duration of migraine headaches and often-times preventing them altogether. Studies have shown that 360mg of magnesium significantly reduced the number of days women had headaches during their menstrual cycles. Other studies revealed that taking magnesium supplements on a daily basis reduced the irritation of facial and neck muscles that often accompany migraine attacks.

The combination of Gastrodin and Magnesium is highly recommended for the prevention of migraine headaches because the two work together to stimulate blood flow and help balance the brain's neurotransmitters. Thanks again Mother Nature. Ron Sauciron 

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