Effective Home Remedies To cure Acidity


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Human blood contains 80% of alkali and 20% of acid. When the percentage of acid in the blood raises, it influences your digestive system of the body and provides rise to the disorder of acidity.

Acidity is generally called as distress, pain and heart burn. When the acid in the abdomen moves with saliva to the throat then there is a flaming feeling and acidity in the stomach. When the people have a heart burn and tartness then they are suffering from dyspepsia. Acidity is generally caused by consuming improper foods. Acidity is also caused by drinking tea.

To Cure Acidity, the best way is to use home remedies. There are some of the home remedies discussed below that you can used to Cure Acidity naturally:

1. Amla: Amla is an effective natural remedy used to Cure Acidity. Take 2 teaspoon amla juice mix up with equal amount of sugar candy powder with water to Cure Acidity naturally.

2. Potato: Potato is normally alkaline. It is the best natural remedy that has potassium salt which controls Sourness. People who are having the problem of Sourness are suggested to take potatoes regularly with every meal to reduce Sourness. Eat only those potatoes which are properly cooked.

3. Carrots: Drinking of carrot juice is another best way to Cure Sourness.

4. Cloves: Eating of clove is also an effective treatment of acidity. Eat cloves after every meal in the morning and evening is useful for curing acidity.

5. Banana: Banana is one of the best natural remedy used for the treatment of acidity. Eat banana in every morning with cardamom powder and sugar to Cure Acidity naturally.

6. Radish: Drinking of radish juice combined with sugar candy powder will be helpful to treat cure the problem of acidity.

7. Lemon: Lemon juice is one of the best natural remedy or natural method used to treat Sourness. People who are having the problem of acidity are suggested to drink 1 glass of lemon juice before 45 minutes of meals. It will help to digest your food.

8. Milk: Drinking of 1 glass of cold milk three times in a day is an effective way to treat Sourness.

9. Coconut: To Cure Acidity, another best way is to drink the milk of raw coconuts which is highly useful for you.

10. Cumin seeds: Cumin seeds are also an effective natural remedy to treat acidity naturally. Mix equal quantity of cumin seeds powder, sugar candy and coriander seeds and take 2 teaspoon of it with water two times in a day after meals. It will give relief from acidity naturally.

11. Caraway seeds: Add 1 teaspoon of caraway seeds powder in the lemon juice and water and drink it to treat Sourness.

12. Black pepper: Black pepper powder is also an effective natural remedy used to treat Sourness. Add half teaspoon of black pepper powder in water and drink it in every morning and evening after every meal to treat acidity naturally.

Along with these natural home remedies, you are also suggested eat only light foods like moong daal, rice, parwal and tinda. Using of these home remedies is the best way to treat Sourness naturally.Payton 

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