How to prevent motion sickness


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Do you feel queasy and suffer from motion sickness every time you travel long distance in a car or in a flight? Try these simple ways to deal with it.

Choose your seat well: When travelling by flight, try to get a seat near the wing because it's less turbulent there. In a car, opt for the seat next to the driver as it's better to look forward than watch out a side window.

Stay hydrated: Often, dehydration can also cause motion sickness. Stay away from alcoholic beverages or caffeine while travelling but drink sufficient water. Moreover, have smaller sips at regular intervals.

Don't travel on empty stomach: You might feel that you will throw up if you eat on your way but travelling on empty stomach can be more nauseating. Eat a sandwich or a light snack before you begin your travel. Consume foods high in carbohydrates but avoid acidic or greasy foods. Keep a nutrition bar and a pack of chewing gum handy if you feel nauseous.

Avoid reading: Reading while travelling causes a conflict between what the eyes see and what the body feels.

Keep your eyes closed: Sleeping through the travel is a good way to avoid motion sickness. Rest your back against the seat and close your eyes for a while. This will surely ease the sickness-Times Of India

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