3 Extreme Weight Loss Methods


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Majority of people (especially the women brigade) are crazy about weight loss, and are always on the lookout for new techniques to lose those extra pounds and inches. Weight - the less of it, a problem and a little more of it, a problem again! Why does weight carry so much 'weight' in our life? Some are so obsessed with their weight, that they have nothing else in their mind! 

There are numerous examples of models wanting to get thin, indulging in crash diets, an extreme weight loss method. Let alone models, you can find many examples of people around you who want to lose weight and can go to any extreme for that. Thus, there are many diets, medications and techniques formulated that help in weight loss (apart from the conventional 'exercise and you lose weight' technique). 

Extreme weight loss is favored by those who are desperate to get rid of extra pounds and for those the exercise and diet changes do not work. Let's get into the extreme weight loss methods first.

Extreme Weight Loss Methods

* Extreme Weight Loss Pills
The use of pills for weight loss is controversial and unproven. Nevertheless, pills have been a favorite amongst people for the same reason of want for desperate weight loss. In the market, you will find many pills that claim to reduce fats, but remember that they are just fooling you. Keep in mind that pills do not help in weight loss and are not always safe. Some pills might help you in curbing hunger. But as said earlier, they are not safe and can lead to many side effects. So stay away from pills unless you are absolutely sure and have spoken to your doctor, as majority of them are not approved and are not safe.

* Crash Diet
This is the most common technique that men and women follow for extreme weight loss. Crash diet, there is no need to explain it. It means going on a non-eating spree. Crash dieting is surely going to benefit in weight loss as the body wouldn't have any source of calories and energy, and so will use up the accumulated fat. Crash dieting is also not a safe option. Extreme weight loss diet generally includes no food or low carbohydrate food. People need to keep in mind that the body needs a daily amount of calories to function smoothly. Dieting will make you weak and will cause much more harm than good. Crash dieting can also be called purposeful fasting.
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* Surgery
Surgery is another drastic weight loss methods. Obese people who have huge amounts of belly fat (and who have thick pockets) generally opt for surgical methods to remove excess fat in the body. Bariatic surgery is one of the popular weight loss surgeries that helps in getting rid of calories. Surgery for weight loss is only recommended if there are health issues like heart disease because of the weight. There are some surgeries that can limit the amount of food you can take in or digest. Surgery is accompanied by its own complications which can manifest in the form of infections and blood clots.

Extreme Weight Loss: What Can be Concluded?

By now you must have understood that extreme weight loss is not a good bet. Good weight loss is always slow and can be experienced only with the right amount of exercise and proper diet. Extreme weight loss is just a fad, and people should burn calories only through sweating and hard work. Following a proper diet rich in green leafy vegetables, vitamins and minerals, is surely going to benefit you in the long run with weight loss. These measures, be it dieting, surgery or the use of pills, should be followed only under proper guidance and you should not indulge in anything by yourself. Extreme weight loss methods are not proven and recommended techniques for weight loss, and it wise on your part to stay away from them.

Weight loss is not difficult if you have the will and are consistent. But I mention again, do not opt for any extreme weight loss methods, as it's not a reliable option. Proper weight should be maintained for a healthy life, and you should be ready to put in the effort to lose unwanted fat-By
Tommie mil.

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