How to Shed Thigh Fat and Get Slim Legs?


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To shed thigh fat and get thin sexy thighs is always a challenge for the majority of women battling to control their weight. Cellulite just loves targeting the backside of our legs and discovering that "cottage cheese" in the mirror is more scary than the worst horror video. Thankfully Asian women have been able to get slender "stick legs" for centuries, and they don't do it through starvation or endless workouts!

Lose Thigh Fat - Get Lean Sexy Legs

Today I'm going to give you one of the techniques my Chinese Mother taught my sisters and I in the past to help us get rid of excess thigh fat and get slender lean legs, it's something I've used whenever I wanted to tighten that area up or burn off some stubborn fat.

Before we get into the technique I want to again point out to you that shortcuts are not something you ever want to fall for when it comes to fat reduction. Keep clear of the latest weight loss supplements or thoughts of having a surgical procedure to drop some weight, they're simply not required and possibly very damaging.

Now let's get to today's trick. :)

Utilize the Wall System to Sculpt Thighs

Find a bare, smooth wall and stand facing with your backside towards it. Act as if you're going to sit down into a chair, but instead of the chairback push your back and shoulder blades from the wall while your knees and legs are bent at a 45-degree angle. Your feet ought to be flat and your thighs should be parallel the ground.

This stationary activity forces the legs to trigger and use the smaller more defined muscle fibers instead of the core bigger muscles that are applied when you carry out a lunge or a squat. This is essential because by stimulating the smaller muscles you're actively using up calories while really helping those fibers expand and grow longer...meaning your thigh is in fact extending a bit and thinning out the more you do it!

You probably won't be able to hold the posture for long when you first start out, and that is OK, don't get excessively concerned about length of time. As the days pass your sessions will get longer and longer, and you'll discover after a few weeks that your thighs are starting to shape themselves into a leaner look, while shedding fat off of areas you thought were not possible to remove.

Try to do this little wall-cheat workout 1-2 periods a day, so long as you can, and be sure to loosen up a bit by stretching your thighs prior to starting. Sylvia Chan

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