How to Remove Fine Lines and Wrinkles @ Home?


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Is reducing wrinkles possible, without cosmetic surgery? How can we remove fine lines and skin wrinkles, at home, safely and naturally? Here you will find the answers to those questions and more. If you follow the skincare routine outlined below, you'll be looking good in no time.

Get Plenty of Sleep & Use a Good Night-cream

This may be the last step in your daily routine, but since it is one of the most important, I decided to begin with it. Naturally reducing wrinkles can only be done at night. When we sleep your body replaces cells and fixes any damage. In order to smooth out fine lines and skin wrinkles, you need ingredients that support the natural cell rejuvenation processes by stimulating the production of new cells.

With increased production of new cells, your skin's layers will become thicker and you will see a wrinkle fade and a tiny line disappear. There are two important ingredients to look for. They are CYNERGY TK and avocado oil. It is very important that the cream you choose is free of artificial preservatives and other additives. They interfere with the natural process.

Gently Cleanse in the Morning & Use a Day-cream

I cannot overemphasize how important it is to cleanse GENTLY. Do not exfoliate. Do not use chemical peels or acids of any kind. Gently massage your face with tea tree oil or manuka honey cleansers and rinse well with purified water. Pat your face dry. Do not rub . Strong, abrasive cleansers can cause skin wrinkles. Remember that your aim is reducing wrinkles.

Applying a day cream under the make up is important. CYNERGY TK, grape seed oil, wakame kelp and coenzyme Q10 are the ingredients to look for. If you are a man, apply a similar cream after shaving, but be sure that it also includes witch hazel.

Eat Right and Take Your Vitamins

What does eating right and taking your vitamins have to do with getting rid of skin wrinkles? A lack of good nutrition throughout your life can cause signs of aging. It is impossible to get all of the beneficial nutrients from the food that you eat. The components necessary to improve your skin's health are not found in popular products.

Make sure you find a nutritional supplement that has L-carnosine. L-carnosine gives a lot of needed help to reduce wrinkles. Get plenty of omega3 fatty acids, because it and other supplements have been shown to increase firmness, which will help make those fine lines go away.

Drink Plenty of Purified Water

This step helps to improve the skin's moisture content and helps to flush away toxins that cause blemishes and uneven pigmentation. You can improve your health by drinking plenty of purified water. To naturally remove fine lines and skin wrinkles follow this simple routine. Margaret Bell 

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