How to Do a Detox Cleanse? - Step by Step Guide


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A successful detox cleanse includes at least one week of preparation to eliminate foods, beverages and substances which are toxic or irritating to the body, including:

    Dairy (milk, cheese, etc.)
    Wheat and gluten (breads, pasta, etc.)
    Sugar and artificial sweeteners
    Processed foods
    Caffeine (including coffee, tea, soda)
    Alcoholic beverages

Eliminating the above, especially caffeine, will help you tolerate the detox cleanse with greater ease and will increase the effectiveness of the process. I believe the easiest way to stop drinking coffee without negative side effects is to taper the amount gradually (1/3 to 1/2 cup) each day, which could take a couple of weeks if you drink several cups per day.

It is also important to drink plenty of filtered water (1/2 ounce for each pound of body weight per day) throughout the elimination week and the cleanse itself, to help flush the freed toxins out of your system, rather than having them get reabsorbed into the body.

Daily, the cleanse itself consists of:

    2 meals consisting of shakes made from your choice of non-dairy beverage (almond milk, coconut milk, water, etc) and contents of included packets.
    2 included packets of supplements and enzymes.
    1 healthy meal of real food. The instruction guide lists plenty of choices and easy recipes including meats, fish, fowl, fruits, veggies, quinoa, and nuts,
    Healthy snacks, if needed. Several suggestions are listed in guidebook.

The shakes are tasty and very filling. If I am adding fruit or ice to my shake, I use a blender. Otherwise I use the included shaker bottle. Most people have the shakes for breakfast and dinner and the real food meal for lunch. It is okay to switch the real food meal for dinner and have a shake for lunch some of the time.

The cleanse is not calorie restricted and is not intended to be used to lose weight, although weight loss resistance is often overcome during the process (along with so many other benefits)! Between meal snacks are permitted, but if you are looking for weight loss, you may want to choose veggie snacks rather than nuts or guacamole. I lose between 5-7 pounds and I have had patients lose as much as 15 pounds during a 14 day cleanse. Once you have detoxified your system, you may notice that you have lost your cravings for the eliminated foods and will have an easier time cleaning up your diet because you feel so much better.

Some helpful activities to perform, which enhance the detox cleanse include:

    Dry skin brushing prior to showering
    Saunas and alternating cold/hot showers
    Starting your day with a cup of hot water, freshly squeezed lemon juice and 2 pinches of cayenne pepper
    Waiting 12 hours between last meal of day and breakfast the next morning to allow body to completely process food

If you have a chronic medical condition, are pregnant or nursing, are under 18 years old, or have any questions about whether detoxification is recommended for you, please check with your healthcare practitioner prior to performing a detox cleanse. Ronna Sather PT 

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