Great Tips to Keep Your Body in Good Shape After Child Birth


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Weight gain during pregnancy is healthy and natural. But, most women wish to lose their weight sooner before they become obese. There is need to be patient as it took nine months to gain that weight, hence it will take some time to lose it. The time needed to lose weight and how much weight can be lost after delivery will be dependent on the weight gained during the pregnancy stage. If you have gained extra weight than expected, then there are chances that it may take long time to lose that extra pound.

Most new mothers these days are eagerly waiting to put their maternity clothes in the back of their closet. Weight loss post pregnancy takes a commitment to physical activity, a healthy diet, and plenty of patience. While the aim of new mothers is to lose weight, they have to bear in mind that changing the eating habits may also affect the development and growth of the baby as the baby is solely depending on the breastfeeding.

It makes more sense to aim for a gradual weight loss after your pregnancy. Losing weight after pregnancy of about 0.5 kg (1 lb) per week is a considered to be healthy and safe rate of weight loss. This rate of weight loss is also not dangerous when you are breastfeeding your baby and there are less chances of affecting your milk supply. Most new mothers wait until breastfeeding is well established before they plan to lose weight. If you happen to notice a change in your milk supply, then talk to your doctor immediately.

Frustration might set in if you have lost a lot of time in losing weight. Hence, it is very important not to get disheartened as most mothers fail to lose what they have gained. It makes sense to set a realistic goal for yourself, for example, you can decide to lose one pound per week. You can simply work towards it by following sensible and easy weight loss regime diet. You have to keep moving to stay active and fit. Post natal exercises boost your metabolism, hence, you will have to find an activity where you can enjoy yoga, jogging, swimming, and cycling. If you squeeze in extra activity in your daily routine, then there are chances that you get in shape even faster. The most important aspect which needs to be kept in mind is keeping a positive attitude and sticking to your diet.

When you are doing your exercises, you will have to keep a good eye on the time as well. If the doctor has specified that you have to do exercises only for a few hours, then you don't need to overdo them. Exercises need to be done early in the morning and preferably out in the open. There is a lot of fresh air in the mornings and you will surely feel rejuvenated when you do your exercises in the mornings. You can start of a 5 am in the morning, but if you cannot get up that early, you can start at 6 am as well.Sophia Smith

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