Fitness Program in 2 Easy Steps for Women in 40's


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Now that you are getting older, have you ever taken into consideration just how important that the Women Over 40 Fitness topic is? For example there have been studies done that have shown how critical it is for women over 40 to remain physically active in order to stay active after menopause. I am sure that you probably do realize that the over 40 fitness topic is very important but be honest here, just how long has it been since you have exercised? If you are like me, probably the only kind of exercise that you ever get anymore would be cleaning the house and doing the laundry. And if you still have children at home, then of course they are your first priority and definitely take a lot of your time so when is there ever anytime to exercise?

I don't know about you but my excuse was that when I did have time to exercise that I was usually way too tired. After all, I worked 40 hours a week and also took care of all the housework at home so when was there a time to fit in any type of Women Over 40 Fitness program. This had been my excuse now for many years. It seemed that I never had the time to even think about how important the issue of women over 40 fitness was until I started noticing that I did not feel good anymore. Soon I realize that I was not young anymore so it was no longer easy to get the weight off. It was now time to forget all of my excuses and now take the time to make some big changes in my life to a much healthier lifestyle.

Women Over 40 Fitness in Two Easy Quick Steps:

1. The first step of the women over 40 fitness program would be to change your eating habits. Start by adding more fruits and vegetables in your diet. My biggest weakness was wanting to (or rather feeling that I needed to) eat a dessert after the lunch or dinner meal. Eating a dessert after a meal was a tradition in my parents home so I just carried on that tradition with my own family. If this is a problem for you then instead of eating a dessert after your meal, try replacing it with a fruit instead. I also had to rid the home of all the junk food so that I would not be tempted. If you still have children at home, I know that this can be sometimes very difficult. But really it would not hurt your children at all to get into eating healthier.

2. The second step of the women over 40 fitness program is to start exercising. Once you start exercising, you will soon learn the benefits affect every little part of your body, inside and out. One of the greatest benefits of women over 40 fitness exercise program is that it helps you sleep better, helps the body relieve stress which in turn reduces the risk of depression. If you have not exercised in a long time, then start out slowly and then gradually build up your endurance over a period of time. Always consult your doctor though before starting any women over 40 fitness exercise program.

It is very important that you start each women over 40 fitness exercise routine with a warm up, and end it with a cool down. Strength training is a very essential factor in any women over 40 fitness exercise routine. It is advised that you do this two to three times per week. It is recommended that you invest in a beginners DVD and a one to ten pounds dumbbell set. You can start out by slowly working your way up to 10 pounds.

Don't forget that if you are making the right choices consistently towards women over 40 fitness program then it will not only improve your overall health and fitness but it will also greatly improve your appearance, energy level and attitude. It is important that you remember that any women over 40 fitness program is not just about physical quality, but also involves the entire person; body, mind and spirit. If you are over 40 or maybe even over 50, then don't put it off any longer. Start today on a women over 40 fitness program and change to a much healthier lifestyle. It is never too late to start an exercise program. You can finally look great at any age regardless of how old you are. Geri Stogsdill 

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