Effective Heart Burn Remedies


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There are many heart burn remedies on the market. There are many heart burn home remedies, as well. Any may be effective. Here we look at some of each.

Heartburn is a burning sensation in the throat or chest that may or may not be accompanied by gas or bloating. It happens when stomach acid, which is normally confined to the stomach, bubbles up or leaks into the esophagus and is also referred to as indigestion. Effective heart burn remedies neutralize the acid and soothe the burning sensation. Some heart burn remedies will also relieve the gas and bloating. 

Many over the counter heart burn remedies contain calcium carbonate. One popular product even advertised itself as an effective calcium supplement. Effective heart burn home remedies include using peppermint or other mints to relieve the symptoms. Most over the counter heart burn remedies are mint flavored, but not all contain peppermint oil. The ones that do may be more effective in relieving gas and other symptoms of indigestion.

It is not uncommon to experience heartburn symptoms after a very large meal. These meals often make one feel sluggish as well, but taking a nap may bring on or worsen heart burn symptoms. Some people find that heart burn home remedies are unnecessary if they take a leisurely slow or sit quietly for a while following the meal. Even after symptoms are present, relaxing in a sitting position or strolling around the neighborhood may be effective heart burn home remedies.

Over the counter heart burn remedies include antacid products like Tums or Rolaids. There are other products that will relieve gas and bloating. Calcium carbonate is usually effective for neutralizing the stomach acid, but may leave a chalky taste in the mouth. Products that contain mint oil or peppermint may be a little harder to find, but will leave a pleasant taste in the mouth. 

Heart burn home remedies containing fennel and other herbs have been used by Native Americans and Europeans alike to relieve the symptoms of indigestion. It is possible to make a soothing tea using fennel seeds. Drops containing fennel and other herbs are also available from companies that sell natural products. Relief may also be found in chewing on a piece of rhubarb or non-fruit flavored gum. The saliva created by the chewing action will help neutralize the acid. Smoking will worsen the heartburn symptoms, because it dries out the saliva in the mouth and throat. Experiencing frequent heartburn is one of many reasons to quit smoking.

Chronic heart burn may be a symptom of another more serious medical condition. For instance, a hiatal hernia pushes up against the stomach, causing the stomach acid to leak up into the esophagus. Anyone experiencing symptoms of heartburn more than once a week should have their symptoms evaluated by a physician. Heartburn may be a result of stress, overeating, drinking too much coffee or eating fried or acidic foods, but if heart burn remedies do not provide relief or if the heartburn is frequent, it could mean something else is going on.Patsy Hamilton 

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