Best Known Natural Home Remedies For Cold and Cough


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Home remedies for cold and cough are very in demand because this is a pretty common medical condition and most of the people try to cure it without taking prescribed or over the counter medicines. Using Natural Remedies they manage to get relief from the illness and also to avoid potential side effects. Garlic is renowned for its beneficial effects in case of cold and cough. Among other properties, garlic is an excellent antiseptic. Garlic oil is good for nasal decongestion especially if combined with onion juice and water. The best way to use garlic is to prepare a garlic soup by boiling a few garlic cloves in a cup of water.

Vitamin C is important in treating and preventing cold and cough because it increases the immunity of the body and it flushes away toxins. Many people choose to take vitamin C supplements when they are likely to contact a cold. Lemon, because of its high content of this vitamin, is one of the best Natural Remedies for cold and cough. The juice from one lemon, mixed with some honey has to be diluted in a cup of warm water and drunk before it cools down.

Cough can be very disturbing and painful and lots of the Natural Remedies for cold and cough focus on providing relief from coughing. Massaging the upper part of the body with coconut oil just before getting to bed can sooth the respiratory tract and reduce cough crisis.

Honey is also soothing for the respiratory tract and if it is combined with some of the best Natural Remedies for cold and cough it can produce great results. Immediate relief is obtained when consuming a mixture of onion juice, lemon juice and honey. If the remedy is taken several times a day, results will be seen very fast.

Ginger is preferred by lots of people when the symptoms of cold and cough hit. It is one of the most easy to use Natural Remedies for cold and cough. Approximately ten grams of ginger have to be boiled in one cup of water or added just before the herbs for tea. The hot drink can be sweetened and then consumed.

Other Natural Remedies for cold and cough which are known for their ability to provide fast relief include turmeric and eucalyptus and mint leaves. The first one needs to be grinded to powder and then mixed with milk. Eucalyptus and mint leaves have to be boiled in water and then the vapors need to be inhaled in order to avoid cough and nasal congestion.Dylan Sedycias

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