Folic Acid Benefits - 3 Large Reasons We Need It!


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Today I'm going to share some of the major folic acid benefits and why we need this stuff. Folic acid or vitamin B9 is a water based nutrient and this means it's dissolved in water. Can you guess what one of the big dangers of water based vitamins is? One danger is that it's easier to become deficient in them because your body doesn't store them like it does fat based vitamins.

Folic acid is a very important vitamin because the body uses it to create DNA. The body uses DNA as an instructional manual to explain how to build new cells. Cells in your body are constantly dying and being reborn again. We shed around 50 million skin cells every day. There is even a theory that every 7 to 10 years we are completely replaced with new cells. Without adequate folic acid a person's body may make mistakes when it creates new cells. These mistakes are not good for a number of reasons.

This is especially important when many cells are being created, such as in child-birth. In fact a deficiency in this vitamin increases the chance of a neural tube defect by around 70%. A neural tube is when apart of a babies skull and spine are exposed and almost always results in the death of a baby. Also, a woman needs to have enough of this nutrient before she even finds out she is pregnant.

Apart from birth defects can you name another big ailment associated with damaged cells. I'm thinking about the scary C word and that is cancer. According to a large study that tracked U.S. Nurses from 1980 to 1994 concluded that the women who took more than 400 mcg of this vitamin were much less likely to get colon cancer than those with a much lower intake. So there is some evidence that it can help prevent cancer.

Another very large reason to take folic acid daily is that according to a daily dose of this vitamin can reduce someone's chance of heart disease and strokes by about 20%. In the November 23 issue of the British Medical Journal 100 different studies were looked at and the conclusion was that it was connected with a lower chance of blood clots, hardening of the arteries and of course heart disease.

In conclusion folic acid can prevent a neural tube birth defect, cancer as well as heart disease. You can get this nutrient through consuming a daily multivitamin or by eating foods with it. Kevin Whitsitt 

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