Trust worthy Home Remedies For Common Cold


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A common cold is an infectious disease of the upper parts of the respiratory system - the nose and the throat. It can be caused by any one of a hundred or more viruses.

Unlike bacteria, viruses multiply only within body cells. They also show preferences for certain types of tissue - for example, cold viruses infect only the membranes lining the nose and throat. Once inside these tissues, the viruses take control of the activities of the tissue cells, and begin to multiply rapidly. They kill the host cell, which bursts and releases viruses that infect other cells. Thee virus stimulates the formation of antibodies, which may protect the patient against subsequent attacks by the same virus.

The symptoms of a cold appear 18-48 hours after infection. The nose begins to run because the mucous membrane produces an excessive secretion of mucus to prevent the spread of the virus. This excess may fill the sinus cavities, causing a mild headache. The victim feels "low" and his joints may ache.

Having a common cold is a very irritating condition. Here are some home remedies that can treat and prevent common colds.

First home remedy for common colds is to rest. One may also take two aspirins every four hours if there is a fever, headache, or sore throat.

Second home remedy for treatment is to have a light diet. The diet is composed of recipe soup, and juices. In addition, gargling with kava kava helps sooth throat due to coughing. It will make the patient relax and treat common colds will be a lot easier.

Third home remedy in fighting colds is to use a vaporizer. One may also suggests to put eucalyptus oil in 2 cups of boiling water and to breathe in the steam. This will help the patient breathe more comfortable.

Fourth home remedy is to have a good immune system by taking vitamins. Taking Vitamin C and Zinc lozenges can help fight and prevent common colds. Another suggestion is to take Echinacea and goldenseal extracts.

Fifth effective remedy is take herbal medicines. Use herbs like Hyssop tea, pure tea tree oil, Echinacea, oregano oil, sage, and wild indigo. Their treatments vary from fighting cold viruses, soothing sore throat, and boosting one's immune system.

Other home remedies recommended when treating common colds are Belladonna; Arsenicum; Aconite; Antimonium tartaricum.

Other Natural remedies:

o Boil water in a small pot; add eucalyptus oil to the water. Put a towel on your head so the steam won't come out, bend over the pot and breathe deep. The steam will help you feel better and breathe easier.

o Remedy for grownups: Make a fresh lemon juice, add some drops of brandy and honey, mix well and drink.

o Chicken soup is the best remedy for cold.

o Drink herbal tea to treat the common cold and open the congestion, you can drink: chamomile tea, green tea, and more.

o Eat radish with salt to cure your flu.

o Warm bath is a relaxing good home remedy for common cold. Fill up a tub with warm water; you can also add some relaxing aromatic oils to the water, like lavender oil, make sure the room is full of steams. This will help you open your nose and breathe better.

o Make ginger tea, add some honey and garlic and drink up.

o Drink warm water with a few lemon drops and some honey.

With all these remedies, one may no longer suffer runny nose, headache, and sore throat due to colds.David Klein

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