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Underarm whitening is important to many people who want to feel comfortable displaying their bodies in public. When you age, your armpits could possibly get darker and if you tend to sunbath all the time, they will gradually become tanned. Once they are tanned, it is hard to get them back immediately to being white again. 

During winter time this can become a problem because as the rest of your skin loses its tan, your underarm will remain dark! While shaving, waxing, or plucking hair from under your armpits, you will leave shaving bumps that looks like chicken skin and scars from tiny cuts. These things are abrasive to your skin and can darken the skin meaning you would then consider underarm whitening. Also, being over weight can cause your underarms to darken due to the constant friction taking place.

Using deodorants that are gel based, roll ons, or sticks can make your underarms break out in a rash, turn red from irritation, or even darken your skin. Your skin can change and develop an allergy to the product. This is called skin asthma.

So, the benefits to underarm whitening would be to have your skin color match the rest of your skin, look radiant and healthy. Also many women you want to feel comfortable raising their arms up and be noticed, not feeling embarrassed by the little things. Here are a few home remedies to naturally whiten your underarms without being using chemicals.

Lemon is used for everything in your home. You use it for tea, cleaning, for fragrance, and much more. It is also rumored to be helpful for underarm whitening. It is a great source of Vitamin C which your skin and body needs. Your skin always absorbs what is placed on it.

People have tried this technique with mixed results.

So, fresh out of the shower, simply rub a lemon that has been cut cross wise and the seeds are removed, over the armpit. You need to rub in a circular motion. Another way you can use lemon to help with underarm whitening is to mix it with honey. Place on your armpits for around 25-30 minutes. Or you could use Alum and rub it over the armpits with or without the lemon. Another idea is to use turmeric paste with lemon, leave it on overnight, then shower in the morning. This must be done constantly to help with underarm whitening.

Another home remedy rumored to help with underarm whitening is Potatoes!. This idea sounds bizarre. Take some potatoes, peel them first, then chop them and place in your juicer. Take the potato juice and apply to your armpits. Let it dry on your skin, then rinse in cool water. A better smelling way would be to use rosewater with sandalwood powder to reduce darkness of your skin.

Last but not least, James St Clare, the author warns that if you are trying a home remedy for underarm whitening is definitely not your thing, then you could try a skin lightening product. Be careful not to get "Skin Lightening" mixed up with "Skin Bleaching". As the name suggest skin bleaching products contain chemicals and can sometimes cause harsh reactions.

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