Safe and Affordable Home Remedies For Acne


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Did you know that there are home remedies for acne that are just as good as any effective pimple treatment cream in the market? Yes, you can concoct your own homemade acne treatment without having to spend on costly pimple creams. All you need is just a little bit of time and the right ingredients. It's really quite simple and, chances are, all the materials you will need are in your kitchen or toiletries.

There are thousands of home remedies for acne tips you can find online and it is obviously physically impossible to try each one out. So in order to determine what are the most effective homemade treatments, you must at least have an informed idea on how pimples are effectively treated.

Let us find out what causes pimples in the first place. Under our skin's pores are sebaceous glands that produce oil called sebum. The outer layer of the skin is shed regularly, when it does, there are some dead skin left that are then glued together by the sebum, this causes the pores to get blocked. The sebaceous glands continuously produce sebum. Being that the pore is blocked, the sebum cannot find its way out. The sebum then accumulates bacteria that build up under the skin, hence the noticeable bump on the skin surface. Pimples are more rampant in the teen-age years because this it the age where your skin becomes thicker. This is also the reason why teen-agers get big acne more than adults do.

It is a fact that there are acne treatment creams out there that has been scientifically proven to eliminate pimples. The main reason why these creams work is because of the active ingredients that are found in it.

The most popular and common effective active ingredients used are benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. These ingredients help in speeding up the shedding of the skin, which in turn prevents the pores from clogging up and generates cell growth. It also helps in killing the bacteria build up.

Benzoyl peroxide can be found in most toothpastes (Applying toothpaste on the pimpled area is not a myth after all; it really does help in curing acne). Salicylic acid on the other hand is used in manufacturing aspirin and dandruff shampoo, which are items you may already have at home. However, both of these ingredients tend to dry the skin. For best results, combine these with some natural produce that help in moisturizing and revitalizing the skin area. Now that you are equipped with this information, you can start making your own home remedies for acne concoction.

Using cucumber, tomatoes, honey mixed with cinnamon, strawberries, are just some items that have been tried and proven by many to have helped in making home acne remedies. If you have any of these at home, crush it up and mix it with a spoonful of toothpaste or crushed aspirin. After washing your face clean, apply a small amount of your concoction to the affected area and leave it overnight. Make this a routine and you will be pimple free in no time. It works on big acne too.

These home remedies for acne have proven to be very effective in eliminating pimples. However, in order to get maximum results there are some important instructions that you should not overlook. Firstly, always remember to wash at least three times a day. Applying your concoction on a dirty face will only aggravate the problem. Try to cut down on fatty foods. Too much fat intake triggers sebum production. Last but not the least, never pop big acne, and not even a small one. Doing so would leave a scar. Pimples will eventually go away; a scar can be for life. These are simple, but very important facts to remember to successfully clear those pimples away sooner than you can imagine-

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