Key Factors That Help Towards Preventing Eye Wrinkles


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Whenever an individual looks at us usually it is our eyes that they make a note of or look at first. Unfortunately it is around the eyes that first show the signs of aging. As we approach our 40's and 50's some of us would wish to look young again but this very hard to the age old saying goes...time waits for no one. What then are some of the precautions for delaying eye wrinkles creeping up on us early?

 In your 40's and 50's, wrinkles become much more visible as a reduction in elastin and collagen cause the skin and muscles to droop. Genetics, gravity and environmental factors also help with the onset of wrinkles and fine lines encircling the eyes. Melanin, the pigment that controls skin color, becomes blotchy and fat is lost from under the top layers of skin. Sweat glands and oil glands start to dry up resulting in dry skin and wrinkles appear.

Some factors that can assist preventing eye wrinkles.

Once you get a wrinkle, it can't be eradicated. You can, however, reduce its look and depth through the use of anti-aging eye cream and maybe some precautionary action taken in your youth can slow the aging process even further.

Wrinkle formation, particularly in the eye area, because of its sensitive nature, is aggravated due to active external factors, some of which can be avoided. Sun, wind and frostbite and commonly ultra violet rays play havoc with our skin and are best avoided when possible.

Puffy eyes are caused by the aggregation of toxins in the tissues so aim to improve your diet and excercise more regularly...and cut out the coffee.

Avoid stretching and rubbing the delicate skin around the eye excessively and keep the skin well hydrated. Proper hydration is pivotal in order to have a healthy skin, especially all round the eyes.

Make an effort to sleep on your back, this helps to keep the skin smooth rather than puckering it up for long periods of time therefore preventing eye wrinkles from appearing before they should.

Wrinkles can become a real issue with the varied facial expressions you have, for instance laughing and crying. Obviously one can't stop laughing or crying so this is a hard one to overcome!

Smoking and poor eating habits can also assist significantly to under eye wrinkles so if you succumb to either of these think about changing your habits.

Wearing a good pair of sunglasses when ever you are out will not only protect your eyes and the skin around them it will also stop you from wrinkling up your eyes whenever squinting in the sun therefore preventing wrinkles under the eye.

Excercising regularly can help to reduce the appearance of dark circles under the eyes by improving the circulation.

Heredity of skin type is a factor that can't be avoided but if precautions are taken then you will be longer without wrinkles.

Facial Care Routine

For most of us who are not blessed with pots of money there is not much that can be done to make us look young again. There are however things that can be done as routine to delay skin aging.

- Make sure you get an effective basic skin care routine and stick to it. Basic skin care is the most effective way to fight aging skin and more to the point having a skin care routine in place before you go to bed as it is when you sleep that your body, and your skin, repairs itself most effectively.

- Use and eye cream each morning and prior to going to bed is beneficial towards preventing eye wrinkles because the skin around our eyes is a lot thinner than that on the rest of the face. Anti aging eye cream is always the safest choice for treating signs of aging around the eyes if there is already noticeable signs of skin damage around the eyes. Put a small dab on your ring finger and gently pat it into the skin below the eye until it is thoroughly absorbed.

- Eye-tightening creams should be the last product you apply to your face (over foundation), because other make up products and creams can break down the active ingredients.

- Gel anti aging eye cream (without alcohol, which dry out the skin) are suited for acne-prone skin.

- Emollient creams (suitable for normal to dry skin) can be used under makeup .

- Think about applying a sunscreen made especially for the eye area. The skin around the eyes is thinner and therefore much more sensitive to the sun.

- Along with a good exercise program, using a good anti-wrinkle eye cream can help prevent dark under eye circles from getting worse by stimulating the circulation in this fragile area.

If you implement and maintain these sets of rules then the onset of wrinkles around the eyes will be significantly delayed. For some of us the course of preventing eye wrinkles may be too late. To get rid of wrinkles under the eye or delay their onset you really must take care in your youth, you can however improve the appearance and better to start later than never-
Sharon Francis

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