How To Lose Hip Fat With Minimal Effort


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Need to lose hip fat?

In this article I'm going to share with you an unusual secret that many have used to transform their fatty hips very quickly.
It is so powerful that virtually everyone gets results.

And these results can be dramatic. So much so that others will notice the transformation. And your jeans?... well you just may need to buy a smaller size. Much smaller. So start saving now!

The best part is... this fool-proof fat loss secret is so easy to use a fifth grader could do it.

Which surprises the hell out of me because it's almost never mentioned.

In fact, this article alone is most likely one of the few places you will read about this amazing fatty hips treatment.

So if you want to lose hip fat fast pay close attention.

Let's begin...

Your body has three kinds of fat.

The first is structural fat. It surrounds your organs and gives your skin a sleek smooth appearance. This type of fat is vital for your survival.

The second kind of fat is normal fat reserves. This fat is used by your body in cases of nutritional and calorie insufficiencies.

Structural and normal fat reserves are very important and needed for good health. And they are also needed for a curvy, sexy looking figure. When you exercise or do any type of dieting regimen designed to lose weight, it is these two types of fat that are burned first... followed by muscle.

Now the third type of fat is "abnormal", secure reserves of fat.

This is the grotesque "problem area" fat that people struggle with.

Men and women store this type of fat in different areas. For men it tends to be on the belly. Specifically that "below belly button" area we call the "spare-tire". And for women, the most problem area tends to be the hips, thighs and butt.

The strange thing is...

... This abnormal fat is different from the other two types because it is only released in instances of extreme nutritional emergencies, like when the body is on the edge of starvation.

And this certainly does not mean a starvation type diet is the answer.

The problem is, while starving yourself can make this abnormal fat get used up, it also makes it come back far worse. This is why so many obsessive "yo-yo dieters" have grotesque looking fat deposits all over their bodies.

No my friend, the real secret to losing your fatty hips and other abnormal fat is to understand WHY it is there.

Once you know the REAL reason for it, you can lose it quickly. With minimal effort.

The cause of abnormal fat is a hormonal imbalance in your body.

Your body uses hormones to carry out its many functions. They are like messengers that carry important instructions to the cells. If these hormones are "out of whack", then the messages get distorted and the cells perform strange commands. Commands like... "store more fat on the hips."

There are two main causes of this hormonal imbalance...

1. Medication.

The bottom line is that ALL prescription medication you are taking has unhealthy side effects. While it can help treat symptoms... It will also mess-up your body in other unintended ways.

2. Food.

Food is the building block of every living cell in your body. If the food is chemically distorted by additives, preservatives, growth hormones and other harmful chemicals... then it is virtually guaranteed that over time you will develop a hormonal imbalance.

So those are the two main causes of your fatty hips.

From what I've seen, the ones who are able to eliminate those causes get amazing benefits.

This means eliminating the prescription medications and eating and organic based diet. (Of course, be sure to consult your doctor before you do this.)

In fact, the body-transformations experienced by these people can be dramatic. They tend to lose hip fat much easier than the rest. And generally, they experience amazing body reshaping.

And the results can show up very quick.

Even within a matter of seven days or so you can begin to lose hip fat!-Jason Clemens

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