How Sweaty Arm Pits Can Make Your Life Miserable


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We all know that sweaty arm pits are humiliating especially if it catches you off-guard. Imagine yourself in a conference meeting or in a seminar at work where you are guest speaker and you did not realize you were already sweating so hard down there. You become curious as to why the people you are talking to are no longer paying attention to what you are saying but getting overly distracted down your shoulders. Sweaty arm pits are equally prevalent in women as well as men. Women tend to be more affected by sweaty arm pits because they usually wear bright colored blouses or t-shirts. Hollywood actresses are also victimized by excessive sweat below their shoulders and good for us average folks that we don't have paparazzi following us around to broadcast the under arm disaster all over the world.

You Can Be caught Off-guard with Sweaty Arm Pits

Sweaty arm pits can be prevented by choosing the right products of deodorants and the right choice of clothes. The next time you go grocery shopping for personal hygiene check for products that have anti-perspirtant properties. Anti-perspirant means it prevents your sweat glands from producing too much sweat and is a good way of preventing sweaty arm pits. We also suggest bioorganic deodorants that not only has anti-perspirant properties but also prevents body odor which is worst than underarm sweat.

Try changing your wardrobe. Use clothes that are made 100% from pure cotton as it cools down your body to prevent you from sweating excessively. Nylon and polyester clothes are too hot and could encourage sweat. Laced garments are to be avoided if you sweat too much. Other than underwear for the ladies, don't buy laced tops if you are not confident that you went have sweaty underarms by the end of the day or you have a very cold air-conditioning at your work place.

There is another more expensive treatment which is hyperhydrosis treatment or anti-perspirant treatment which is a more long term remedy for under arm sweat. Sweaty arm pits are remedied through this process in a number of ways by using prescription perspirants or over the counter perspirants. Another way is lontophoresis which is the passing of electricity directly underneath the skin by the use of water. It is one of the most common under arm treatment which has no serious side effects that has been reported.

One thing you have to learn about these preventive tips is that is not a completely safe way and it is not a guarantee to completely stop sweat. The most effective is Botox which is the complete paralysis of your sweat glands but if your body can't sweat then your body has no way of cooling itself.

To conclude, sweaty arm pits is natural and everyone has it but to remedy or cure it is not exactly a concrete and healthy way to go about. The best way is to adjust your diet and exercise so that your sweat will not smell bad and have conscious sense of personal hygiene so that you won't be caught off guard in the embarrassing situation-
Randy Morris

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