Cook up a Home Remedy for Stretch Marks


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Since most of us, women and men, are susceptible to getting stretch marks at some time in our lives, the market for stretch mark creams and treatments is a large and abundant one. But while this market is large and the products many, it is difficult to say which is a real cure and which a hoax, since most of these products claim to be the most effective ones.

Before you go and try all the different products that are available, it is relevant to look at home remedies for stretch marks. These remedies are cheap just as they can be effective. Below are a couple of recipes for home remedies for stretch marks.

Massage Them Away

Massage is considered by many to be very effective in dealing with stretch marks. Not only does massage relax the muscles an body, easing away aches and pains, but it also serves the important purpose of stimulating blood circulation, making it a vital part of one's daily activity for the care of the body. Making massage oil as a home remedy for stretch marks can also be an easy and inexpensive thing to do. Below is a sampler.

Half a cup of olive oil, a quarter cup of aloe vera gel, four capsules of liquid vitamin E and two capsules of liquid vitamin A can be used in making a home remedy for stretch marks. Once these ingredients are acquired, the can be mixed in a blender and placed in an airtight jar, using the mixture whenever required. This concoction contains ingredients that are known to be beneficial to the skin and aid in skin repair.

Such massage oils that are easy to prepare and known to be effective are an excellent home remedy for stretch marks. Not only do they allow for a relaxing experience by stimulating blood circulation through the entire body, but more importantly, they reduce the appearance of these unsightly scars wherever they have appeared. The general texture and tone of the skin also improves because of the oil's ingredients and the stimulation to the skin-

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