7 Helpful Remedies to Get Rid of Blackheads


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Nothing reflects your beauty better than glowing, flawless, and clear skin. A slight flaw not only steals away that perfection from your look but it might also reflect a possible careless attitude towards your skin and a lack of healthy and effective skin cleaning routine.

If you haven't been able to get rid of blackheads even after using many skin care products, chances are that the treatment/products you are using are not as good as they promise to be or are not particularly effective on your skin type. Blackheads do not always suggest a problem with hygiene. In some cases, blackheads suggest a more serious skin problem or some other health condition and require medical help. If left untreated, blackheads can get infected and develop into bigger blackheads or acne.

There are some treatments that have been proven to work effectively on blackheads and are available over the counter. Here is a list of some of the drugs that have been used for years to help eliminate blackheads.

Salicylic acid treatments: Using an ointment or lotion with this component can help clear the clogged pores and soak up the excess oil.

Benzoyl Peroxide: Using a treatment containing this component as an ingredient works like an antiseptic. It helps clear the pores and also peel off the dead skin. Along with removing the blackheads it also helps keeping the infection away.

Retinoids: These not only clear and peel the dead skin off but also affects the sebaceous glands and help reduce the skin oil production, thus attacking the root cause of blackheads.

When using treatments with any of these components in order to get rid of blackheads, make sure that it suits your skin type and does not aggravate the problem. It is always better to try it on a small affected area before beginning its full-fledged use.

If over the counter treatments do not help or if you are the kind who would rather go by the prescription, see a skin care specialist that can help you out by prescribing more powerful and specific treatments as per your particular problem and skin type. Your dermatologist (skin doctor) might also suggest other ways of treatments like:

Microdermabrasion: It is a kind of exfoliating treatment where skin is rejuvenated by scrubbing and removing its outer layer using tiny crystals.

Manual removal: The dermatologist removes stubborn blackheads using special tools to pluck out the blackheads manually.

Chemical peels: This is also a kind of exfoliating agent with high concentration of skin improving chemicals. The high chemical component of these peels makes it absolutely necessary that only a specialist uses them on the patient's skin.

Laser or light therapy: This treatment is generally recommended to patients who have stubborn blackheads that do not respond to any other treatments. This treatment is expensive and requires many sittings. Also, it does not work for all skin types and even where it works the magnitude of effect can't be guaranteed. This treatment helps in getting rid of blackheads by exciting the porphyrins within the bacteria to break down the bacteria wall and thus gradually helping the troubled area to become free and clear of blackheads.

Your skin care specialist is the best person to suggest the right treatment for you. Consult only a reputed and certified practitioner who has experience in undertaking such procedures. The right treatment will help you get rid of blackheads faster and with better effects, not to mention minimal side effects. - Adam J Bradley

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