6 Steps to grow Potatoes better


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Potatoes are one of the widely grown vegetables in the whole world. Potatoes do not start as seeds. They are planted from tubers. It is also sensitive to many diseases. It is important to know the right ways how to grow potatoes. You can buy tubers of potatoes from centers for gardening. You should buy tubers that are certified by the government. These tubers are also called seed potatoes.

1. The first step on how to grow potatoes is putting a layer of potatoes in a spot that gets hit by sunlight. It should be warmed for at least seventy degrees Fahrenheit.

2. The second step on how to grow potatoes is waiting for the potatoes' surface to become green. Then let at least a sprout of a half inch in length grow. The sprouts are important because it lets the plant grow in just a couple of weeks. You should remember that the tubers that have the B size don't need any cutting. The bigger seed potatoes must be cut however.

3. The third step on how to grow potatoes is storing them for a week before you plant them. Let them dry out first so calluses will not form. It should be stored in a room with seventy degrees Fahrenheit temperature. It should also be well ventilated. You should seal it with a box containing holes. Never store them in a container without air.

4. The fourth step on how to grow potatoes is preparing the seed potatoes for planting. Potatoes can only be planted from the first few days of March until the second week of June. You should plant them in the morning when the temperature is fifty degrees Fahrenheit. You should plant them in the ground with a depth of at least four inches.
Never plant before March because it may cause rotting to the seeds.

5. The fifth step on how to grow potatoes is putting them in rows that are four feet apart from each other. A wide row will allow for better cultivation. Plant the seed potatoes with the cut facing down. The eyes should be the part facing up.

6. The sixth step is mounding so the water will reach the seed potatoes. If you are expecting frost then you should cover them with straw.

Kenny Leones, the author adds that there are  two essential things you have to do to care for your potato plants are watering and cultivating them. Cultivation includes loosening up the soil, removing the weeds and hilling.

Cultivation helps in breaking the ground which is healthy for the plants. Helping aerate the ground is healthy for the potatoes. It also prevents sunburn for the tubers.
6 Steps to grow Potatoes better

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