5 Ways to take care of your contact lenses


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1 Lens solution: A common mistake people make is using tap water when their solution gets over, or they forget to carry it. Ophthalmologist Dr Prashant Aroskar warns of infections like Acanthamoeba that could be quite aggressive. "Some patients wash contact lenses with tap water, which is dangerous. Lenses need to only be cleaned with a multipurpose solution from a reputed company ," he adds. He also advises changing the solution in the lens case every day to avoid infections and keep the lenses disinfected and healthy .

2 Lens case: Optometrist Rutvi Anthony suggests you need to start with a new lens case, every time you get a fresh pair of lens. "It's best to start with a fresh case. However, you can also dip the case in boiling water and let it air dry to clean it properly before wearing a new pair or lens," she says.

3 Extended wear lenses: While extended wear lenses are being popularly used, in a city like Mumbai with high levels of air pollution, one needs to be careful while wearing contact lens for long periods at a stretch, like 24 to 48 hours. "I wouldn't say it's not advisable to use extended wear lenses, but you need to be thorough with hygiene and cleanliness more than you would with regular disposable lens." says Dr Aroskar.

4 Allergies and infections: Allergies and infections are common occurance if proper lens care routine isn't followed. "When wearing lenses for the first time, we give people a small bottle of solution first to see if it suits their eyes since allergies could cause a burning sensation in eyes," says Anthony , who feels one needs to immediately change the solution if discomfort persists.

5 Red eyes: People who suffer from dry eyes mostly switch to glasses, since wearing contacts is often uncomfortable. "You can switch your lens brand or your solution brand, if there is dryness in the eyes," says Dr Aroskar, adding that a doctor needs to be consulted first. Lubricating eye drops can also be put over the lens after checking with a doctor. You can remove the lens for some time and give your eyes a rest.Also, it's a good idea to alternate between wearing spectacles and lenses, so your eye can get the oxygen it needs.


Single use contact lens, that are made to be worn for one day, are the most comfortable type of lens as they are thinner and lighter than regular lens.New advancements have led to the development of extended wear contact lens that can be worn for upto seven days.Exchanging contact lens , which is often the case when it comes to cosmetic lens, is the easiest way to contract an eye infection.-Reza Noorani

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