3 DIY Home Remedies to get rid of acne scars


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Once you have treated your pimples, acne scars home remedies should be your next focus. While it is relatively easy to treat the acne itself, the scars may take a longer time to heal. There are many medications you can take on that are very affordable as some ingredients are found right in your own home.

Like any other self-help medication, you have to be always cautious whether you are fit to do such treatments by yourself. If your acne scar problem is not that severe, you can easily deal with these home remedies. But if you see excessive irritated scarring, you have to consult a dermatologist.

For extreme cases, cosmetic procedures like laser resurfacing, dermal fillers, punch excision, skin graft replacement and subcutaneous incision maybe necessary. Meanwhile, here are three tips that can jumpstart superficial removal of your scars.

#1 - Kitchen foods

The vegetable fruit tomato is the perhaps the most accessible among acne scars home remedies. You can simply slice it and place the tomato segments in your scars. Its contents vitamin A, antioxidants and lycopene are great components to heal damaged skin.

Lemon or lime juice is also effective to remove blemishes and dark acne scars. Soak a cotton ball into the juice and apply unto affected area.

Leave this for about 15 minutes and rinse your face right after with lukewarm water. The water temperature is important so that your skin will not be 'shocked'. Do the same application process with milk. Its lactic acid aids dissolving damaged superficial skin.

#2 - Solutions

There are several acne scars home remedies in form of mixtures. The first one is an easy natural face mask. You will need a tablespoon each of sour cream, yogurt, oatmeal and lemon juice. Mix all the wet ingredients first then add the oatmeal. Apply on the affected area. Leave for 15 minutes and then wash off with running water.

Natural pastes are also effective. Mix chickpea flour, milk and a few drops of lemon juice and raw potato juice. Leave a thick paste on your skin for 15-20 minutes. Wash away with warm water. Another paste is a mixture of sandalwood powder and black gram dal for an overnight application. Wash it with cold water the next day. You can alter this mix by using sandalwood powder and rosewater.

#3 - Massage

Among acne scars home remedies, using natural oils and juices to massage your skin with is one of the easiest techniques. Regular olive oil can also serve as a moisturizer to make scars fade away. Gently massage the oil in the scarred area for about 10 minutes.

Cucumber juice can also be used for facial massage to tighten the pores. Do this for 15 minutes. And lastly, the ice cubes can be used to rub against the scars for the same time frame as the previous two ingredients.

These acne scars home remedies were proven effective for many individuals. However, results may vary as every person's skin type is different claims , the author. If irritations or swelling persist, it is best that you immediately consult a skin care professional.

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