2 Easy Ways to Lose It Thigh Fat


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Do you have extra flab on your thighs that you would really love to lose? Yes? Well, the good news is that there is a means of doing this but you have to remember that 'quick weight loss' pills or supplements and magical workouts are definitely not an option.

As far as losing weight goes, there is no way to spot reduce those spare pounds that you have accumulated in any one of the thigh, belly or hip areas. You simply have to lose fat from all parts of your body as you cannot force fat to be moved from a particular area.

For this reason, it makes sense to follow a plan where fat is burned from all over your body and this involves eating healthily and partaking in resistance training workouts. You will find that this is the only clear-cut way to shed that extra thigh fat!

1. The Healthy Diet

In order to burn fat you need to choose a diet which boosts your metabolic rate. On this occasion, it's no good going for a low calorie or low fat diet as these types of diet actually slow down your metabolism because your body doesn't receive sufficient nutrition and as a consequence thinks death is about to occur due to starvation. With this in mind the body stops burning fat and stores it as a means of survival and this is when your metabolic rate slows down enough to prevent weight loss.

Of course, whilst following this kind of diet you will lose a few pounds at the beginning, but as soon as you go back to normal eating habits, the lost weight will soon reappear.

So what kinds of diets are suitable for you? Well, the green vegetable and fruit ones are best not only for effectively suppressing your hunger pangs but also as a great method of boosting your metabolic rate.

However, you have to allow yourself a treat at least once a week and for this little cheat you should afford yourself the luxury of being able to eat your favorite foods. This will not, as you would be forgiven for thinking, make you fatter. In fact, it actually helps you to lose weight more as your metabolism is temporarily raised to a very high level.

You will also be satisfied on a mental basis which will help you to continue to concentrate and stick to your diet without experiencing cravings for food you are not allowed to have.

2. Exercise

Dieting alone will result in weight loss but by adding an exercise workout into your daily routine the loss will be noticeably better. The best kind of exercise to try to encourage quick weight loss is probably strength training. This allows you to add lean muscles to your body as well as burning fat.

Your body is not only made stronger by having lean muscles, but the muscles actually help you to burn off that fat when you are resting. You may be surprised to know that one pound of lean muscle allows you to burn off at least fifty of the calories you have consumed each day, even whilst you are resting.

By following the diet and exercise tips above you will soon discover just how easy it is to get rid of those excess pounds of thigh fat!-Frances Smith

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