5 Fantastic ways to remove under eye puffiness


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Under eye bags make one's look really dull and don't feel yourself embarrassed .Try the following 6 methods if you really want to get rid of them . These are most  simple and effective ways to get rid of puffy eyes:
1. Stay away from Allergies

The most sensitive part of skin lies under your eyes which  is lighter than rest of your body. This is the reason why it has a tendency to get attacked by any kind of allergy which in turn makes your eyes puffy. Get some anti allergic medication from your physician  help you get rid of any allergy. This can help you reduce under eye bags significantly.

2. Remove makeup at Night

It is a really harmful to skin to sleep without removing makeup at night. This can irritate your eyes and lead to allergic reactions resulting in puffy eyes. Hence don’t forget to remove all your make up before you go to bed.
3. Cucumbers Remedy

Cucumbers are a great remedy to reduce puffiness under the eyes. I am sure you must have seen this in many health and beauty magazines. Take 2 slices of freshly refrigerated cucumbers and place them on eyes. Just lie down for about an half an hour with these slices on your eyes. This simple remedy can help reduce puffiness under the eyes quite significantly.

4. Green Tea Bag Remedy

Green Tea is not only  great for your  inner body but also for skin & it can  reduce puffiness from under the eyes. Soak 2 bags of green tea in chilled water and put them on your eyes for about 20 minutes. This is really very effective.

5. Water Universal Remedy

Water retention is the main cause of puffy eyes. By drinking plenty of water one reduce under eye bags gradually. At least  you should take 2-2.5 litres of water per day.

By trying all the above said home remedies one can see a great change in the reduction of under eye bags. 

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