Main steps to follow for reducing Belly Fat


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There are two main reasons why you build up excess belly fat. Eating a lot of fat-filled diet and not exercising enough. Similarly, there are two easy ways to get rid of belly fat; eat healthy food and exercise regularly. If you can adapt to these two things, you’ll soon see your unsightly belly fat turning into lean, flat and attractive midsection.

The following tips will help set your course to say bye-bye to the unsightly tummy which has been weighing you down for so many years.

Keep Reminding Yourself of the Goal

Your goal should not be to get rid of belly fat, yes, you read that right! In fact your goal should be to pack up some lean muscle. Having the fat-loss thing in your mind will encourage you to keep sitting on a stationary cycle all day, looking at the electronics meter and counting the numbers of calories you’ve burnt. What you actually need to look for is, to build up lean muscle. Once you start working towards that, the excess fat in your body will start to come off itself. This happens because of the increased metabolic rate triggered by your muscle mass.

Watch Your Diet

Diet plays a significant factor when you are looking to get rid of belly fat, so always watch what you are eating and how much you are eating. Spreading your meals throughout the day and having 5-6 meals to meet the daily requirement of about 2000 calories can change your look within weeks.

Eat Protein

Remember the goal is to build lean muscle, so the diet should be chosen according to that. Protein is the key when it comes to packing healthy muscle to get rid of belly fat. Proteins are easy to digest and high thermic level helps burn fat faster.

Resistance Training

Now let’s come to the second part of our belly fat lose program i.e. exercising regularly. Again the exercise is chosen keeping in the view the goal. Weight training is how you start triggering your body to build muscle. Sit-ups, push-ups, squats and dead-lifts are exercises that work on the major muscles and create shocks in body to get rid of the fat.

High Intensity Training

High intensity training includes cardio exercises which are known to be most effective against fat lose. These exercises increase metabolic rates to its peak and burn fats from your abdomen more than any other part. The intense level of movement in the legs and core area get rid of belly fat extremely fast.

Following these simple tips and by being persistent in your approach while reminding yourself the goal, you’ll see the results earlier then you expect-Lionel Y

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