How to Prevent Blackheads?-Killer Tips


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Many times I am asked, "Do I have Acne because I have blackheads". Blackheads are just a form of acne, just like pimples, blackheads are formed in the clogged pores of your skin that serve as a good staying ground for bacteria. What happens is this, when blackheads are exposed, it undergoes oxidation, that causes it to turn to the color black.

Blackheads are usually very noticeable on the face. Especially on the nose. And often they cannot be easily removed. One way is to have a facial, and the Esthetician will remove them, during your treatment. Facials are very good for the skin, as it cleans your pores and moisturizers your skin. While facials feel good and do your skin good,they usually cost around $80.00. There are ways to deal with blackheads to prevent them from coming in the first place and won't cost you any money.

The first thing you should do is drink a lot of water. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. Many people have trouble drinking this much water, but once you get started doing it, your body gets used to it, and actually you crave the water. It helps remove the toxins inside your body.

Never scrub your face roughly. This will cause irritation om your face that can lead to more production of oil. This oil is what promotes the production of blackheads.

Wash your face as many times as possible during the day. The best thing to get rid of blackheads and even prevent them from starting is keeping your face clean with no oil. Oil on your face is one of the worst things you can leave on your face.

Never squeeze your blackheads. You might think that you will remove the blackheads in your face, but you are actually opening the possibilities of worsening it. Either keep cleaning your face properly, or get a facial. An Esthetician is really the best to have your blackheads removed.

The best thing for woman is change your make-up brushes and foams every three months. Also, be sure that your face is clean before you use them in application, so that it will still be clean on your next use. While many woman do sleep with their make-up, don't do it. The oil of make up is absorbent of bacteria, that can contribute and be disposed to the skin pores.

Always make sure that the face towel that you use, and anything that you know have direct contact to your face, is clean and properly cleansed. If in doubt, change your towel.Cary Silver  shared these tips.

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