The Best Remedies for Menopause


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Menopause is an important landmark in a woman's life. The onset of the condition reminds a woman that her body has started ageing. Irregular periods, hot flushes, vaginal dryness and discomfort are some of the symptoms of menopause. Ovaries stop generating eggs and estrogen after a certain age in women. This causes irregular periods and gradually the cycle stops.

Besides medical and hormonal treatment such as BHRT, the Australian menopause experts recommend remedies that are helping thousands of women in such situations.

 To get some relief from the effects of menopause, women need to feel relaxed and comfortable. They should always have less spicy and light food. It will be great if they can have a green meal with lots of garden fresh veggies and fresh fruits, it can be great. In addition, they can start their day with a glass of cold and chilled water, coconut or a glass of fresh fruit juice. Instead of taking coffee they can switch to green tea or any other herbal tea. Less intake of caffeine is always asked by their doctors as it increases the body heat fast. Moreover women in this situation must avoid hot beverages.

They should also stop smoking and consuming alcohol. Alcohol increases the body heat unnecessarily and smoking adds more fuel to the burning effect. Women can get some relief from the hot flushes if they strictly follow the points.

Women must dress in layers to get some prevention from the hot flushes. They should even choose a cooler place in the house for their sleepless nights. Sleeplessness or insomnia is another effect of menopause. They can choose a neat and clean bed in a comparatively cooler room for the nights. If possible they can light up some aromatherapy candles before sleep. They can also take a cool bath using some essential oils that help to feel relaxed. To get rid of vaginal irritation and discomfort they can surely use branded personal care soaps, talc and moisturizer to sooth the place. They must use fresh cotton bed sheets and naturally dyed comforters for a great sleep.

If relaxation is the key menopausal remedy, women should go for meditation, yoga and deep breathing exercises. They can buy CDs and DVDs where the trainers help to learn yoga. Minimum 30 minutes of yoga with proper music can rejuvenate them from the fatigue and can help them to start a fresh new day. Women should also try to do yoga at night before they go to bed.

To strengthen their pelvic bones women should practice certain exercises that have been medically proven to be very effective. Some women in their menopause suffer from urinary problems. Therefore, they need to work out on making the pelvic bones stronger.

Besides all these changes in lifestyle, women should consult their doctors who understand better diagnosis and medication. They can also offer them suggestions of some therapies, if required as menopausal remedy-
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