How To Get Rid of Pores On Face - Is It Possible?


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A common skin care question that many people ask is, "how to get rid of pores on my face? If you're someone who suffers from either large or clogged pores (or both), then it's natural to want to eliminate the problem by trying to eliminate the pores altogether. It's also frustrating to see other people who seemingly have no facial pores at all; their skin looks clear, smooth, and completely even without noticeable pores.

However, the simple truth is that it's not possible to get rid of pores on your face, nor is it actually necessary. Even people who don't seem have noticeable pores still do actually have them- it's just that theirs aren't as visible as yours. Pores are a vital part of the organ that is your skin, and they perform necessary jobs for the body. They are tiny openings that allow the skin to breathe, absorb nutrients, and release oil and other necessary secretions, including sweat and impurities. Without them, your skin wouldn't be a the fully-functioning organ that it is.

There are several products that play on people's self-consciousness, and actually advertise the ability to "eliminate" or "shrink" pores. However, pores can never be eliminated, nor is it possible to change the size of them. Fortunately though, it is possible to reduce their appearance, and that's the whole point behind trying to shrink them anyways: to make them less noticeable. Therefore, the real question should not be, "how to get rid of pores on my face," but rather, "how to reduce the appearance of pores on my face."

In order to make your pores seem less visible, you may need to address several different issues, and tackle them in different ways. One of the things that can make your pores seem larger or more noticeable is the presence of clogged pores and blackheads. These can create tiny, dark dots on your face, especially around the area called the "T-zone" (including your nose, forehead, and chin).

Both blackheads and clogged pores (which sometimes appear as small white bumps) draw more attention to the pores, and can give the impression that they are larger than they actually are. By eliminating blackheads and clogged pores, you can actually make your skin look more uniform and clear, thus creating the illusion of smaller pores at the same time. To do this, find a good acne or blackhead facial cleanser, and wash your face with warm water.

Blackheads are sometimes best removed with gentle squeezing after steaming your face, or through suction, using a machine for exfoliation (like a microdermabrasion machine). Getting a facial can be a good way to address the problem- be sure to let the person performing the facial know that you'd like to get extractions (to remove blackheads and clear and clogged areas of the skin).

Aside from proper cleansing and skin care, there are also make up products that can disguise the size of your pores, and minimize the appearance even further. Keep in mind that using "pore tightening" creams and lotions can help to improve the condition and tone of your skin, but don't expect them to work miracles. Simply applying a daily product isn't going to make large pores suddenly vanish altogether, but they can help to minimize their appearance a little.

If your skin condition is severe, or if you are very concerned about the condition of your pores, then consult with a dermatologist to see what your best options are. If you find yourself constantly thinking about how to get rid of the pores on your face, just remember that they are there for a reason! As long as you take the proper steps to reduce the problem and disguise any unwanted effects, your skin can look just as clear and supple as anyone else's say  Sarah Sacristan

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