How to get rid of Acne & Black heads especially for Oily Skin?


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Having oily skin naturally leads to two major problems, this being acne and blackheads. Acne and oily skin go hand in hand, and having a face that looks like a small swarm of biting insects decided to attack you is definitely not appealing. Black heads can be just as irritating because dirt gets clogged under your pores, and no amount of regular washing can get rid of these little dark spots on your face. Here are a few tips for dealing with acne on oily skin.

First, remember that the root cause of the acne and blackheads is your oily skin. The oil manages to trap day to day dust, and these little dirt particles can either cause infections on the skin, a.k.a. acne, or lodge inside the pores, a.k.a. blackheads. One of the major reasons for oily skin is actually a person's diet. To avoid acne on oily skin, try to avoid foods rich in fat and oil, including pork, peanuts, and potato chips. Fried foods are, of course, another culprit here. While reducing the oil in your diet won't get rid of oily skin completely, it will at least minimize your skin's oiliness so that the other treatment methods given below will be more effective to get rid of acne on oily skin.

There are two ways you can go about dealing with acne on oily skin. Facial washes and anti acne solutions will often be categorized in the shops between regular formulas, dry skin moisturizers, or oily skin treatments. Obviously, go with the appropriate one. These liquid solutions are often applied daily and help towards acne removal. Aside from liquid solutions, you should also buy antibacterial soaps, especially ones likewise configured for people with oily skin. These two treatments of soap and liquid cleanser will, taken together, often be enough to get rid of most regular acne on oily skin problems.

Blackheads, on the other hand, can be removed with adhesive facial strips which open up the pores when placed on a person's skin. The dirt inside your pores which form blackheads then clings to the adhesive, so that they get removed when you peel away the blackhead strip. There are liquid cleansers which also claim to remove blackheads, but in my experience these are not effective at all, since the blackheads are formed from dirt lodging inside clogged pores. Cleanser liquids don't reach inside pores deep enough to remove blackheads regardless of any amount of physical scrubbing.

The final off-the-shelf solution, if regular cleansers and soaps don't get rid of your acne on oily skin, is to buy acid facial cleansers. There are various types of cleansers with acids in their makeup, and these attacks the bacteria in acne better than regular cleansers do. While these acids are not corrosive enough to cause skin damage, certain people are allergic to certain types of acids, so you should consult with a dermatologist before trying these products out.

As a last note: avoid pills which claim to remove acne on oily skin. While body chemistry and diet do play a part in having oily skin, the various pills which claim to remove acne on oily skin are ineffective. Added chemicals in the body do not get rid of the bacteria in acne, nor do they help the skin metabolize oil, or whatever other claims these products make.Gerry Restrivera ,author of this article , writes informative articles on various subjects including Oily Skin Acne Solutions.

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