Getting rid of stretch marks-Good Remedies


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Reasons for stretch marks :

Stretch marks are thin stretched tissue especially visible on the thighs,hips,abdominal area,breasts,upper and lower back.They are usually caused by weight loss,weight gain or strong medications and being genetically prone.This often happens when the collagen and elastin responsible for the elasticity of our skin get ruptured when the skin is stretched to extreme limits.Besides these,dieting and frequent extreme limits.Besides these,dieting and frequent exercising could also lead to the appearance of stretch marks in adolescents.

Getting rid of stretch marks :

Stretch marks are ugly and getting rid of them is not so easy.While there are several treatments available in the market in the form of lotions and creams,one who has used them will testify that they are lengthy and expensive.The other option is surgical remedies in the form or surgical peeling or laser therapy which can also help get rid of stretch marks.Laser used mostly when the appearance of stretch marks are in the early stages,can be effective.A tummy tuck which is the removal of the skin and fatty tissue beneath the abdomen are other options.However,some less expensive home remedies are known to be as effective.

Nutrition and diet :

To begin with good nutritious diets which include foods rich in minerals,vitamins and proteins not only help in reducing the chance of developing stretch marks,they maintain skin's elasticity keeping you looking youthful.Foods with vitamin k like green leafy vegetables,tomatoes and liver are also beneficial.While the intake of water helps in keeping the skin hydrated and supple,tea,coffee and carbonated drinks can have and adverse effect on your skin and should be kept the minimum or best avoided.

Home remedies :

Use any vitamin enriched oil like olive oil,flax seed oil,cod liver oil or vitamin E oil to massage the area where stretch marks have appeared.

Cocoa butter applied to stretch marks is known to reduce their appearance.

A preparation of an ounce of avocado,sweet almond,carrier oil,and jojoba oil mixed with seven drops of chamomile,massaged on stretch marks is very effective in lightening them.These tips are given by Lesley D.Biswas.

Aloe vera gel is an excellent remedy for reducing the scars caused due to stretch marks.

Rubbing the area with an apricot scrub will help to fade the scars quickly.

Gotu kola which is an important ingredient used in pharmaceutical preparations for stretch marks can be used.

Avoiding intake of creamy and oily foods will further help in diminishing stretch marks. 

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