Clear Pores just in 2 Effective and Easy methods


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It is important to clear pores both from inside and outside while many women consider only external care of their skin. But before talking about how to clear pores, first let's find out the main reasons of clogging of pores on face.

Why is the pore clogged? 

Before buying any remedy to clear pores, it is important to find out which factors have caused its clogging. Today it is hard to find a person with ideal skin without any small pores on it.

Pores seem to be a usual problem which can be found almost in everyone's life.

But those who have oily skin suffer from clogged pores compared to others. Why? – Because the sebaceous oil emerges from the skin's surface through the pore. In this case, the excessive amount of oil will clog pores.

There might be a number of other reasons why pores are clogging:

    Dead cells and other biotic organisms that are trapped in the pores may cause them clog.
    Most enlarged pores are usually genetic.
    Sun damage can also cause occurrence of enlarged pores.

  How to Clear Pores - 2 Easy Ways:

     Drink plenty of water to always keep your skin hydrated.

 It is vital forskin cells in order to function properly.

 My Practical Tip:

Choose natural skin care products with the ability of high hydration. The more moisturized your skin, the less clogged pores. Drink at least 4-6 glasses of water every day. 

     2.   Natural Deep Cleansing Wash Remedies.

It is essential to wash your face with special wash remedy instead of harsh water. This will always keep your pores clean and unclogged.

 My Practical Tip:

 I always recommend using deep cleansing wash remedies, instead of simple cleansing products. Why? – Because those toners or skin conditioners are not much effective for deep pore cleansing-
Rafael Karimov

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