4 Killer Tips to Get Rid of Underarm Fat


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Underarm fat is a major problem for most women. It lessens their over all confidence, and their choices of apparel during summer time, especially during beach outings. The last thing any woman would want is to wear a sweater on the beach just to hide their flabby underarms. Here are 4 tips to get rid of underarm and get that toned and sexy arms this coming summer.

Regular Cardio Exercise

Cardio workout doesn't have to mean running 3 miles a day, it could be a 20-30 minute brisk walk at the park or around your block. If you're a beginner, better start with moderate exertion while working out. This means that your ducts are drawing sweat but you're breathing still allows you for a normal conversation. Having a workout buddy, should help you get motivated to burn more calories off in order to get rid of your flabby underarms.

Chest and arms workout

Push ups is a simple but very effective chest and arms workout, toning your biceps and triceps, and eventually getting rid of your flabby member. If you find the standard push ups to difficult in the beginning, you can start with wall presses.

Wall presses can still give you some of the effects of a standard push up only easier. As you are able to gain arm strength by doing wall presses, it is best that you should do push ups.

Start by doing 18 push ups in three sets of 6, resting one minute between sets. Add a repetitions per set per week until you start having to pause during the last set. Do your push ups on the days you're not doing cardio exercises. This makes a total of six workouts per week, giving you one day of rest.

Proper Diet

Determining the amount of calories you should take each day and the kinds of food to avoid will help you enormously with having a proper diet. Track your diet and aim to reduce your calorie intake by 200-300 calories a day, this will bring about a sustainable weight loss. Avoid sweets and sugars as much as you can, or better yet, avoid them totally. Focus on fruits and vegetables, these will give you the nutrients and vitamins that your body needs.

Keep track of your progress

Once you are set on the having a cardio exercise, a chest and arm workout, and being mindful about your food intake, it is important that you record your progress. This will help you get more motivated to push on, eliminating the chance of being too self satisfied. Complacency will just bring you down and all your efforts and handwork will amount to nothing.

It is also wise to listen to your body. If you start to feel pain from your work outs, take it easy. If you're very sore the next morning, lay low for a while, some easy stretches will help, even if you are not able to complete a full workout.

Be ready for this coming summer vacation as tank tops and spaghetti straps are the apparels to be in for all of the ladies out there, not to mention bikinis. Get with the program of the 4 ways to get rid of underarm fat and you will have the toned and shapely underarm that will give you an overall flare.

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