Four Tips For Teaching Your Teen How to Drive


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There are millions of teens in the country that are going to be learning how to drive this summer. The experience just isn't exciting, new, and scary for the teens, the parents that are teaching them how to drive also feel a mix of the same emotions. It's only natural to feel a mix of excitement and worry once you hand the keys over to your teenager. You're proud to see that they're old enough to drive, but you're also worried about their safety when they're one the road. The best way to ensure that your teen drives safely when they get their license is to teach them the right driving methods when they're still learning. When you start teaching your teenager how to drive, remember to keep these tips in mind.

Start Off Slow

Some people think that the only way to learn a skill is to jump right into it and get started, but if you ask your teen to go out on a major road during their first time behind the wheel you'll only be making them feel overwhelmed. Take your teen to an empty parking lot and let them get the feel of their car before you even consider taking them out on the road.

Don't Rush

Some teens may feel read to drive home after a few laps, and others may need a few parking lot lessons before they feel ready to be with other drivers. Don't force your teen to drive somewhere they don't feel comfortable going yet, and listen to them if they start to feel nervous or worried.

Set a Good Example

"Do as I say, not as I do" may apply to some areas of parenting, but driving definitely isn't one of them. If you want your teen to become a safe driver you need to lead by example. Don't reach for your ringing cell phone like you normally would when your teen is in the car, pull over and answer your phone instead.

Make Your Vehicle Safe

It's only a matter of time before your teen gets their driver's license, that's why you should take time to make sure that the vehicle they'll be driving in is safe. Make sure that the vehicle has functioning air bags, and take it to your mechanic to make sure that it's working properly. If you really want to ensure that your teen is driving safely, take time to install a GPS vehicle tracking device in their car so that it can collect information on your teen's driving habits-By

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