Best Home remedies for treating Acne


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Pimple or Acne is the most usual problem with teenage and many adults nowadays. It occurs due to improper diet in teenage, stress, hormonal changes and bad hygiene. Pimples also include Black heads and White heads that are actually blocked pores. Some acne occurs as cysts and results in pain, inflammation and redness in the affected area. A proper skin care helps to prevent from acne to some extent.

Pimples may first appear in the form of black heads or white heads in the face, neck or chest. Severe cases of acne may contribute to the formation of several pimples covering large areas of skin. Acne occurs when the sebaceous glands are stimulated into producing more oils. Oil is naturally produced by our body to protect the skin. Due to the increased production of oils, the skin cells begin to block the openings of the pores. This leads to enlargement in pores which allows bacteria to enter and leads to infection.

 Common factors for occurrence of Acne:

    Not only oily and junk foods produce acne, but they may affect overall health
    Stress may contribute to hormonal fluctuations in the body; For some people acne may occurs due to severe stress.
    Due to lack of cleanliness, acne or pimples may occur. Inflammation occurs when dead cells combine with dirt.
    Some skin care products can lead to clogging of the pores and lead to acne.
    Individuals who wear helmets may experience acne problems.


 In most cases pimples can be treated with natural home remedies. Some of the popular natural treatment for acne includes:

Water: Wash your face several times a day with water. Don't use soap or any other cosmetics, wash with plain water.

Tomato: Applying tomato pulp on face and clean it after 30 minutes, it will cure pimple

Sandalwood Powder: Mix Sandal wood powder with rose water and apply it on your affected area. It also improves your skin tone.

Aloe Vera: Extract pulp from Aloe Vera leaves and apply it on your face, then clean it after 30 minutes.

Neem Leaves: Add Turmeric powder with Neem leaves paste. Apply it for 30 to 40 minutes in face and clean it with warm water. This is the most beneficial anti bacterial remedy for treating acnes.

Lemon: Add some lemon juice in raw milk and apply it on your face. It is the very best home remedy for acne.

Home remedies for pimple are cost effective and also safe-

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