How To Remove Nail Fungus Naturally


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There are a number of ways to remove nail fungus naturally, and I will be talking about this today. However, before we talk about the cure, let me talk a little bit about prevention and why it happens in the first place.

Toenail fungus is caused by bacteria and micro organisms that breed in nails. The result is often yellowish or brownish nails. That is not a pleasant sight. What causes them?

Generally speaking, bacteria will breed in places which are warm and moist. The best way to prevent bacteria from breeding on your toe nails is to keep your feet dry and cool. Try not to wear shoes which are too tight because that encourages bacteria growth. Also, be sure to wash your feet regularly with soap and maintain a high standard of hygiene.

Do note that poor blood circulation to the feet may cause the fungal infection too. This is because not enough blood goes to your toes, and hence, not enough of your body's immune system will be able to combat the bacteria.

Apart from all that I have mentioned earlier, you may also want to consider eating yogurt regularly. This is because yogurt contains probiotics which can fight the virus. This works for prevention purposes, but you can eat yogurt to remove nail fungus naturally.

Now let me move to the natural remedies to remove nail fungus.

You can apply diluted apple cider vinegar to the affected area. Apple cider vinegar has been known as a really effective home remedy for treating all sorts of infections. Basically, bacteria hate it. Simply dab some of the solution onto your nails and let it dry. You can do this at night before you go to bed and wash it off the next day.

Besides apple cider vinegar, you can also try crushing some garlic and mixing it with water. Make sure it turns into a thick paste. Once that is done, you can apply the thick paste onto your nails. This can be rather messy so be sure that you are doing this in a basin at the very least. Garlic has very strong anti-fungal properties and just like apple cider vinegar, bacteria hate it.

Here's another interesting remedy which you can try. Did you know that Listerine has been shown to get rid of the dreaded infection too? It already is an antibacterial mouthwash, so you can dab it onto your nails the same way you would with apple cider vinegar.

I hope you have a better understanding of how to remove nail fungus. Do give these remedies a try, and remember the tips about prevention which I have mentioned as well-By

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