How To Permanently Cure Blackheads


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A blackhead is blackish plug on the skin. A blackhead is a type of acne vulgaris. It is brought on by excess oils which have
collected within the sebaceous gland's duct. Now a day lots of people have this blackhead problems. Many home remedies and treatments help you to cure the blackheads.


1.First take away the inner ink tube of the pen.

2.Then press the clear end over the top of blackhead and bend from left to right.

3.Press towards the blackhead pops out.

4.Now place a bag of frozen peas or any cold substance over the hole that's been left to make it close-up.

5.The mix of just one tsp of juice extracted from fresh coriander leaves and a ½ tsp of turmeric powder and apply this mix before going to bed and wash your face the following morning with cold water.

6.Mix soft portion of glycerin soapy a pinch of table salt and apply this mixture on the blackheads. Apply this process for about a week and see the great results.

7.Prepare a paste by mixing One teaspoon curd and One teaspoon rice flour and apply the paste on the blackheads. Wash your face with cold water as time passes.

8.Apply the mix of just one tsp lime juice and One teaspoon cinnamon power before going to bed and wash it each morning.

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